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Read our Distribution of Non-District Related Materials policy.

7.2 Distribution Procedures.
7.2.1 School principals shall offer one of the following options to non-District related organizations that wish to make their materials available to students and/or parents so long as such materials are otherwise consistent with District policy: designation of at least one date at the beginning of the school year and the calendar year when they will send materials of non-District related organizations home with students (the dates for this option shall be the second Friday of September and the third Friday of January); or regular, periodic distribution in elementary school students’ take-home folders or to secondary students. Principals may also allow non-district related materials to be posted at a designated bulletin board or other location or available on the school’s community information table or area. Option(s) the principal selects shall be made available to all organizations on a non-discriminatory basis so long as the materials are consistent with section 7.1.2 above. Principals may not refuse to distribute eligible materials in accordance with the option selected on the basis of the viewpoint expressed.