Oil and Gas Info

Updated on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 11:38am

As many residents of the north metro area know, energy companies have expressed interest in drilling for oil and gas from various locations within Adams and Broomfield County. The State of Colorado, through the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), currently holds all legal authority regarding where and how oil/gas can be extracted in our state. 

None of the proposed drilling will occur on district property but some of the minerals are underneath district schools and some drilling locations are near district property and schools. This has raised concern for many residents within our community. This page and its subpages intend to provide information on what has happened to date regarding oil and gas activity as it relates to district and school operations.

Background on requests and approved mineral rights leases

  • 2018 Requests to Lease Mineral Rights
    • Request from Great Western Oil and Gas to lease mineral rights beneath Prairie Hills Elementary School
    • Request from Ferrari Energy (related to the Extraction Oil and Gas Drilling Unit from the Livingston Pad)to lease mineral rights beneath Coyote Ridge Elementary School
  • 2017 Request to Lease Mineral Rights
    •  Request from Great Western Oil and Gas to lease mineral rights beneath Horizon High School's property
  • 2015 Mineral Rights Leases Approved
    • Request from Synergy Resources Corporation to lease mineral rights beneath Century Middle School
    • Request from Land Energy Inc. to lease mineral rights beneath Horizon High School