Facility Scorecards

Updated on Mon, 08/08/2016 - 3:00pm
Facility Scorecard

What is a scorecard?

Our buildings play a significant role in the quality of your child’s educational experience. The facility scorecard informs you about the state of your school building - what is in good shape and what needs improving. The scorecard will not show every need in your building, but creates awareness of the status of each facility. 

How were the ratings created?

The values and ratings for each facility are calculated from data contained in the district facility asset management system and supplemented with information from the annual facility condition audit process and the district maintenance system. Each category for each school gets a percentage based on a points system, which then is reflected with a color. The scorecards do not encompass every need that staff and community may have identified but accurately reflects the information the district holds on the facility itself - much like homeowners keeping track of an aging roof or water heater.  

How are we addressing needs?

With over 50 schools in our district, each one faces unique challenges. Some of our aging buildings have leaking roofs and low-functioning heating and cooling systems, while others are overcrowded. Learn more about our needs and what the Board of Education will do to address them in August 2016.

How can I help?

  • Talk with your principal about the needs. What is most immediate? What could we do in the meanwhile? 
  • Begin to understand the funding challenges we face by reading through Funding 101

School Facility Scorecards

Arapahoe Ridge Elementary School:           English   |   Spanish 

Bollman Technical Education Center:          English   |   Spanish 

Centennial Elementary School:                  English   |   Spanish 

Century Middle School:                             English   |   Spanish 

Cherry Drive Elementary School:               English   |   Spanish

Coronado Hills Elementary School:            English   |   Spanish

Cotton Creek Elementary School:              English   |   Spanish

Coyote Ridge Elementary School:              English   |   Spanish

Eagleview Elementary School:                   English   |   Spanish

Early Childhood Edcuation Center:             English   |   Spanish

Federal Heights Elementary School:           English   |   Spanish

Glacier Peak Elementary School:                English   |   Spanish

Hillcrest Elementary School:                      English   |   Spanish

Horizon High School:                                English   |   Spanish

Hulstrom K-8:                                          English   |   Spanish

Hunters Glen Elementary School:              English   |   Spanish

Legacy High School:                                 English   |   Spanish

Leroy Elementary School:                         English   |   Spanish

Malley Drive Elementary School:               English   |   Spanish

McElwain Elementary School:                    English   |   Spanish

Meridian Elementary School:                     English   |   Spanish

Mountain Range High School:                    English   |   Spanish

Mountain View Elementary School:            English   |   Spanish

Northglenn High School:                           English   |   Spanish

Northglenn Middle School:                        English   |   Spanish

North Mor Elementary School:                   English   |   Spanish

North Star Elementary School:                  English   |   Spanish

Pathways Future Center School:                English   |   Spanish

Prairie Hills Elementary School:                 English   |   Spanish

Riverdale Elementary School:                    English   |   Spanish

Rocky Mountain Elementary School:           English   |   Spanish

Rocky Top Middle School:                          English   |   Spanish

Shadow Ridge Middle School:                    English   |   Spanish

Silver Creek Elementary School:                English   |   Spanish

Silver Hills Middle School:                         English   |   Spanish

Skyview Elementary School:                     English   |   Spanish

Stellar Elementary School:                        English   |   Spanish

STEM Lab:                                               English   |   Spanish

STEM Launch:                                          English   |   Spanish

Stukey Elementary School:                        English   |   Spanish

Tarver Elementary School:                         English   |   Spanish

The International School:                           English   |   Spanish

The Studio School:                                    English   |   Spanish

Thornton Elementary School:                      English   |   Spanish

Thornton High School:                                English   |   Spanish

Vantage Point High School:                          English   |   Spanish

Westlake Middle School:                              English   |   Spanish

Westview Elementary School:                       English   |   Spanish

Woodglen Elementary School:                      English   |   Spanish