Five Star family overcomes homelessness and finds community

child holding teddy bear

One parent graciously shared her story of overcoming her family's struggle with homelessness with the supports of the Five Star district and our community partners. All identifying information has been removed out of respect for the family's privacy.

"We arrived in Broomfield unsure of how we would find housing after our lease ended in Clear Creek county and I was laid off due to the pandemic. We met a homeless outreach case worker from Mental Health Partners of Broomfield when we were living in our pop-up camper. She walked us through the enrollment process at  our school. We never imagined how supportive a school could be. The homeless outreach staff dispelled all of our fears about being in a new town and having absolutely no support. Leigh Her-Moua and the school's Family Outreach Liaison made us feel like we were a part of the school community and that we belonged, regardless of our housing status. The Refuge in Broomfield assisted us with Code Blue hotel vouchers for the severe winter nights. Broomfield FISH helped us with food during times when we were not yet connected with SNAP benefits. One day Leigh introduced me to a caseworker from an agency called Almost Home. Before we knew it, we were housed. We were able to donate our pop-up camper to another un-housed family. It has been a beautiful season, despite the obvious difficulties. If we ever doubted that kindness and unconditional love are thriving in our community, we certainly experienced a warm and lasting embrace that has changed our lives forever.”

The Homeless Education program was also able to provide the student with a Chromebook, hotspot, and tutoring services during the pandemic, and the school offered the student the opportunity to shower when needed. Thank you to all of the community organizations above as well as Colorado Safe Parking Initiative for supporting this student and family and making a difference in their lives!

Adams 12 Five Star Schools 1,500+ students (over 4% of the total student population) who experience homelessness at some point during the school year and approximately 1,000 youth experiencing homelessness at any given time in the school year. November is Runaway and Homeless Youth Awareness Month – learn what we are doing and how you can help.

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