Homebound Education

Updated on Tue, 11/12/2019 - 9:30am

Homebound education is provided to eligible students whose medical needs prevent regular school attendance for an extended period of time. 

Parents/guardians of a student who is anticipated to be absent for more than 15 school days due to a physical, mental or emotional disability may request assessment by district staff to consider if homebound education or other out-of-school education support services may be appropriate. 

Specific documentation and appropriate confidentiality waivers allowing physicians treating the child to communicate with district officials are required in order for a student to be considered for out-of-school educational support services. 

Eligibility for homebound education is determined by school district personnel based on the medical information submitted by the health care provider or as determined by an IEP staffing team. 

Absences of less than 15 days do not qualify for homebound services unless otherwise determined by an IEP staffing team.

Read Supt. Policy 5020 for full details.

About Homebound Education

  • Homebound education provides an opportunity for a student to continue his/her education in core academic subjects during absences of more than 15 school days.
  • Homebound education supports the four core subject areas: English, math, science and social studies. Some of these courses cannot be provided in the home setting (e.g., courses requiring labs).
  • Homebound teachers are certified educators.
  • On occasion, homebound education must take place at a location other than the home. Arrangements would be made with the parent/guardian to take the student to a site to meet the teacher.
  • A responsible adult must be present in the home or alternate location when the homebound teacher is working with the student.

Homebound Education is Not

  • The same level of instruction available in the normal school program.
  • Able to support elective classes.
  • Home school. Homebound is not a tutoring service for students who attend on a reduced schedule.
  • Able to keep students caught up with their classes.


The Homebound Education referral process begins with contacting your child's home school or school of enrollment principal/designee to discuss a referral for Homebound Education.   

If you have additional questions, contact:

Student Support Services Coordinator: Lora Bonney at lora.j.bonney@adams12.org