Proactive Health and Safety Measures

Updated on Wed, 04/07/2021 - 3:38pm
Graphic stressing health and safety guidelines

Proactive Measures 

Five Star Schools is committed to creating and maintaining safe and healthy environments for our students and staff. In the Five Star District, this includes:

  • Staff and student daily health screenings, including a temperature check, completed at home each day before arriving at school buildings. 
  • Wearing of face coverings when on school property and in all common areas (hallways, classrooms, bus, main office, cafeteria, etc.), during all transition times (passing periods), and during student arrival and pick-up. 
  • Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer. Students and staff are reminded to wash/sanitize hands multiple times throughout the day, especially during transitions (i.e. before and after recess and meals.)
  • Practice physical distancing when possible. 
  • Stay home when sick. It can be challenging knowing whether your child is too ill to go to school. A great resource for families is our Should Your Child Stay Home? section of our website. Here you'll find information that outlines symptoms to consider when choosing to stay home to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses.  
  • Maintaining consistent cohorts of students to limit the size of gatherings and minimize student movement among cohorts. Students will remain primarily in small cohorts (i.e. classrooms) at the elementary level for the day except when they attend specialized programming, lunch or recess.

Key guidelines in place to minimize the risk of transmission and allow all students, staff and families a safe and healthy learning environment:

  • Sickness protocols: Students who become symptomatic during the school day will move to a dedicated space in the building until picked up by their parents/guardians to go home. Staff will be sent home if they are symptomatic.

  • Classroom setup: Classrooms will maximize space by removing unnecessary furniture and rearranging desks/tables. Desks will all face one direction. 

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols: Custodians and school staff will increase daily cleaning of frequently touched objects (i.e. door knobs, desks and faucet handles, etc.) and restrooms based on usage and need.

  • Increased ventilation: Buildings will double air exchanges every hour (up to six times per hour) to bring in more fresh outdoor air. This increase of fresh air into the building will impact building temperatures especially as cooler weather arrives. Students should consider dressing in layers. 

  • Addition of air purifiers in all of our classrooms and large spaces. These new machines will provide additional enhancements against airborne transmission, on top of the increased air circulation that has been taking place in our buildings since the fall.

  • Visitor management: Building access will be restricted for visitors and only permitted for a student in need of medical or social-emotional support, or on an emergency basis.

  • Signage: General health and safety signs will be visible in multiple locations around buildings.