Strategic Plan

Updated on Tue, 09/04/2018 - 3:35pm
Strategic planning

Strategic Plan

At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we have a vision for a community of healthy bodies, healthy minds, and a thriving school community. Thanks to a generous $120,000 planning grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, the district is working on developing a long-term strategic plan to address the well-being of all Five Star Schools staff and students as well as a whole child approach to education in all of our schools.

Work Groups comprised of Content Matter Experts in the areas of:

* Physical Education and Physical Activity

* Health Education

* Nutrition Services

* Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

* Social and Emotional School Climate

as well as a diverse group of stakeholders in the form of a Steering Committee meet regularly to both design and review the Strategic Plan. The Steering Committee is comprised of individuals that represent classroom teachers, content coordinators, school administrators, professional development specialists, facilities personnel, educator effectiveness experts, the language acquisition department, nutrition services, student support services, health services, federal programs and grants, communications, family engagement liaisons, counselors, psychologists, social workers, members of community health organizations, and parents.

You can learn more about how these priority areas were identified below!

Well-Being Priorities Surveys

Student, parent, and staff surveys were conducted in August, September and October 2016 to gather feedback from the community, identify priority areas of focus, and to lay the ground work for focus groups that were hosted in January 2017. The surveys were administered to parents on paper at Back to School Nights and online to secondary students and all district staff. The survey reached roughly 1800 students, 750 parents, and almost 45% of district staff. The top four well-being priority areas identified by parents, students, and staff are:

  1. Physical Education & Physical Activity
  2. Social & Emotional School Climate
  3. Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services
  4. Health Education

    Well-Being Priorities Focus Groups

    Ten focus groups, each 90 minutes in length, were hosted in January 2017 (one high school student focus group, three staff focus groups (classified, certified, and administrator), one Spanish-speaking parent focus group, and five English-speaking parent focus groups).

    The purpose of the focus groups was to take the analyzed data from the surveys and dig deeper into the four identified well-being priority areas to better understand stakeholders' insight on the present state of each priority area, how to improve each priority area, and what a school doing an excellent job in each priority area would look like, feel like, etc.

    Want to see more data?

    • Click here for a short Executive Summary.
    • Click here for the full 2016 Adams 12 Five Star Schools Health and Well-Being Priorities Summary Report
    • Click here for data analysis of the student, staff, and parent survey results in the form of a Wellness Priorities Data Collection Report

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