2018-19 Employees of the Year

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2019 Employees of the Year

How do we ELEVATE student success? By celebrating our amazing employees! Adams 12 Five Star Schools, in partnership with the District Twelve Educators Association (DTEA) and the Classified School Employees' Association (CSEA), announce the employees of the year for the Five Star District! We are proud of every employee in our community - and excited to announce those who colleagues have designated as going above and beyond for student success.

All district employees were invited to nominate colleagues at will. Nominations involved answering questions regarding how the nominee fufills our mission and vision, and goes above and beyond to ELEVATE student success. All nominees will be listed below based on role, with finalists and winners being announced between April 29 and May 17. To determine winners, each employee group had a separate committee made up of staff from various roles to decide on the finalists and employee of the year. Winners receive small gifts and recognition at the May 22 Board of Education meeting.  

  • Classified: Operational staff such as office staff, custodians, nutritional services, etc.
  • Certified: Staff who are licensed in their field such as teachers and counselors, etc. 
  • Administration: School and district leadership such as principals and district staff, etc. 
  • Substitutes: Classified and Certified substitutes (guest teachers) across the district

From teachers to custodians, principals to counselors, the many different roles and responsibilities of Five Star employees ELEVATE student success in every classroom, every day.

Classified Employees
Week of April 29 - May 3
Employee of the Year:
Karen Spotts, Library Media Technician at Skyview Elementary
Paul Bath, The Studio School
Mary King, Century Middle School
Mark Lundy, Woodglen Elementary
Teresa Simmons, Silver Creek Elementary
Karen Spotts, Skyview Elementary
All Nominees: 
Matthew Aguirre, Transportation
Lorraine Anderson, Hulstrom K-8
Pam Annis, Bollman Technical Education Center
Nancy Babcock, Hunters Glen Elementary
Amber Bach, Woodglen pre-school
Paul Bath, The Studio School
Laura Buster, Hillcrest Elementary
Sally Chambless, Hunters Glen Elementary
Sherrie Cook, Westview Elementary
Ruth Cummings, Horizon High School
Roddy Davila, Information Technology
Melissa DeRenzo & Joseph Garcia, Westview Elementary
Sonia Diaz, Leroy Elementary
Melinda Foran, Silver Creek Elementary
Cruz Gallegos, Legacy High School
Stephen Gallegos, Custodial Services
Paula Gary, Coyote Ridge Elementary
Edgar Gutierrez, Rocky Mountain Elementary
Jessica Stacie Ham, Coronado Hills Elementary PEAK
Brian Hart, Coyote Ridge Elementary
Amy Holton, Northglenn High School
Susan Johnson, International School at Thornton Middle
Tami Johnson, Cotton Creek Elementary
Mary King, Century Middle School
Janel Lawing, Woodglen BASE
Cary Livingstone, Human Resources
Katie Lockling, Coronado Hills Elementary
Christina Long, Malley Drive Preschool
Mark Lundy, Woodglen Elementary
Jami Marshall, Vantage Point High School
Cindy Martinez, Century Middle School
Becky McLaughlin, Early Childhood Education Center
Christy Monson, Crossroads Middle School
Stephanie Moore, Tarver Elementary
David Myer, Facility Maintenance
Emily Panyachith, Thornton Elementary PEAK
Karen Polson, Mountain Range High School
Cristy Powell, Print Services
Christine Rankine, Vantage Point High School
Val Roth, Northglenn High School
Mary Esther Sandoval, Century Middle School
Teresa Simmons, Silver Creek Elementary
Joanne Sisson, Rocky Mountain Elementary
Julie Smith, Silver Hills Middle School
Kim Sponsel, Transportation
Karen Spotts, Skyview Elementary
Luz Tejeda, Coronado Hills Elementary
Greg Torrez, McElwain Elementary
Billy Vice, Cotton Creek Elementary
Sheila West & Josie Rodriquez, Stellar Elementary
Crystal Wieland, Hulstrom K-8
Samantha Winholz, Independence Academy
Certified Employees
Week of May 6-10
Employee of the Year:
Hilary Wimmer, Career and Technical Education Instructional Leader, DECA Advisor and High School of Business coordinator at Mountain Range High School!
>>Read about why Hilary won and see the video of her surprise!
Jenny Krautler, Riverdale Elementary
Helene Liversedge, Preschool Physical Therapist
Melissa Tank, Coronado Hills
Ed Taylor, Horizon High School
Hilary Wimmer, Mountain Range High School
All Nominees:
Kacie Ballou, Eagleview Elementary
Susan Beckerman, Crossroads Middle School
Jessica Beilman, Shadow Ridge Middle School
Laura Birdsill, Thornton High SChool
Jennifer Blom, Silver Hills Middle School
Malorie Boyes, Horizon High School
Carrie Brown, STEM Launch
Lindsay Brown, Northglenn High School
Zachary Butte, Mountain Range High School
Collette Chinyerere, Occupational Therapist at various schools
Jason Cianfrance, Legacy High School
Wendi Coop, North Star Elementary School
Geraldine Dinkelmeyer, Pathways Futures Center
Sarah Fischer, Silver Creek Elementary School
Lisa Foubert, Silver Creek Elementary
Allison France, Nurse at various schools
Kerry Glenn, Northglenn High School STEM
Breanna Greene, Coronado Hills
Brandon Halvorson, The International School at Thornton Middle
Brian Hufford, Northglenn High School
Brooke Keefe, Silver Creek Elementary
Cindy Kinderknecht, STEM Launch
Jennifer Krautler, Riverdale Elementary
Helene Liversedge, Preschool Physical Therapist
Johanna Long, Skyview Elementary
Jessica Lovato, Centennial Elementary
Kathleen MacLean, Rocky Top Middle School
Kristen Masterson, Silver Creek Elementary
Kristin McCabe, Century Middle School
Lucas Meadows, Legacy High School
Heather Mitchell, Meridian Elementary School
Rachael Monks, Cotton Creek Elementary
Kasey Nunn, Northglenn High School
Kim O’Meara, Cotton Creek Elementary
Mary Robinson, Malley Drive Elementary
David Rowan, Westgate Community School
Mary Salter, Meridian Elementary
Darlene Shaver, Shadow Ridge Middle School
Sirena Shock, Northglenn High School
Fran Stander, Tarver Elementary
Amy Stice-Nevins, Glacier Peak Elementary
Melissa Tank, Coronado Hills Elementary
Ed Taylor, Horizon High School
Jennifer Venturo-Valdez, Rocky Top Middle School
Heather Wheat, Thornton High School
Shirell White, Pathways Future Center School
Hilary Wimmer, Mountain Range High School
Kathryn Zaleski, Northglenn High School
Administrative Employees
Week of May 13-17
Employee of the Year:
Tracie Stauffer, Principal at Leroy Elementary
>>Read about why Hilary won and see the video of her surprise! 
Deric Dell, Educational Support Center - IT​
Joe Ferdani, Educational Support Center - Communications
Matthew Schmidt, Pathways Future Center
Tracie Stauffer, Leroy Elementary
All Nominees:
Stephanie Auday, Skyview Elementary
Amanda Beuke, Thunder Vista P8
Angela Chambliss, North Star Elementary
Deric Dell, Educational Support Center - IT
Julie Evans, Silver Hills Middle School
Joe Ferdani, Educational Support Center - Communications
Lisa Hart, Educational Support Center - Nutrition/BASE
Peter Hoff, Educational Support Center - Student Support Services
Amanda Novak, Westgate Community School
Christine Parkes, Centennial Elementary
Matthew Schmidt, Pathways Future Center
Tracie Stauffer, Leroy Elementary


Substitutes and Guest Teachers
Employee of the Year: Tonya Oakes, Coyote Ridge Elementary

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