Disability Plans

Updated on Wed, 06/20/2018 - 3:54pm

Educator/Certified employees: Certified Sick Leave Bank Information and Certified Master Agreement 2017-18. Membership in the sick leave bank is not a requirement for employment. Certified staff will be enrolled unless membership is declined. Those that decline membership, may reverse their decision within a seven school day time period from date of declination. After this time period, the declination decision is permanent and may not be changed during employment with Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Members of the sick leave bank have one day of temporary leave transferred to the sick leave bank annually. Based on sick leave bank balance, certified employees may be required to contribute additional hours to maintain a balanced bank.   

Classified employees: Classified Sick Leave Bank Book. This is a voluntary program for benefit eligible employees who accrue temporary leave. Employees have the opportunity to elect or end membership during the Classified Employee Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment which is March 1 - March 15.  Members of the sick leave bank have eight hours of temporary leave transferred to the sick leave bank annually.

Administrative employees: Administrative Compensation Program. Benefit eligible employees are automatically enrolled into employer paid short-term and long-term disability insurance.