Employees of the Year Profiles 2017-18

Updated on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 1:17pm

Employees were nominated by colleagues and each employee group had a seperate committee made up of various roles to decide on the finalists and winners. 

All employees of the year and finalists for each employee group will be recognized at the May 23 Board of Education meeting: 7 p.m. at 1500 E. 128th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241

2017-18 Classified Employee of the Year 

Cathy Goodell


Cathy Goodell (second from right) is the campus security officer at Legacy High School in Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Known as “tough but fair”, she is approachable and trusted by staff and students, with a cheerful and positive demeanor. Cathy takes the time to get to know everyone on a personal level and shows genuine care for students and staff.

Described as one of the most caring individuals, Cathy gets to know students and staff on a personal level. Cathy consistently goes above the call of duty to help those around her by attending after-school events, visiting the hospital for sick colleagues, helping students who are struggling financially and lending a listening-ear to students in need.

She gets to know everybody on a personal level, staff and students and really seems to care. She asks questions and engages in conversations. In addition, Cathy is the definition of a team player as she never accepts extra recognition for the work she does but credits her team and colleagues.

Cathy represents Adams 12 Five Star Schools with integrity and class and for that we are #FiveStarProud.

2017-18 Certified Employee of the Year 

Carolina “Lina” Moreyra

Certified Educator of the Year 2018

Carolina “Lina” Moreyra is an instructional coach at Westview Elementary in Northglenn. She works to help both teachers and students learn and succeed at their role. Her schedule is often overloaded with meetings, coaching, supporting others, student mentoring and more, but on Wednesdays she takes time for classroom work where she models creative and fun-filled lessons for students, earning her the affectionate name “The Wednesday Lady” by students. However, Lina’s colleagues really think it should be the “24/7 lady” as she always goes above and beyond to help teachers, students and families with a smile and encouraging word. She always has a strategy or solution for any problem that crosses her path and is a constant giver of knowledge and support. She helps teachers want to continue to learn with cutting-edge research and manageable training which takes education at Westview to the next level.

Lina does an incredible job of not only supporting her colleagues in their work, but creating a culture of belief that all students can learn to a high standard and all staff are capable of getting students to achieve. She sets the bar high but approaches all work in a positive and encouraging manner. Anytime a teacher has a question about how to teach part of the curriculum, she researches best practices, provides materials and even co-teaches to model the lessons.

Whether it’s filling in for sick teachers, giving students hugs or staying late to comfort concerned parents, everyone enjoys Lina’s presence. Her style is relaxed, but focused; gentle, but motivating; kind, but ambitious for the success of all.

Lina represents the care and collaboration that makes Westview and Adams 12 Five Star Schools so unique, and for that we are #FiveStarProud.

2017-18 Administrative Employee of the Year 

Admin of the Year 2018

Donald Beuke, principal, and Marie McKenzie, assistant principal, at Coronado Hills Elementary,

The award for Administrative Employee of the Year for 2018-19 could not be kept to just one employee. Donald Beuke, principal, and Marie McKenzie, assistant principal, at Coronado Hills Elementary, truly exemplify the power of collaboration and balance and their teamwork for their school community earns them co-administrators of the year.

Since their first days in this building four years ago, this administrative team has worked endlessly to change school culture and student achievement. Both Donald and Marie take the time to check in with individual teachers, staff members and students to support them on a professional and personal level. The relational aspect of their leadership has catalyzed an environment in which staff members are recognized for their strengths, are empowered to share and lead others, growth-mindsets are ubiquitous, and risk-taking is the norm. The school used to have a high turnover rate for staff but now employees want to stay.

The duo are constantly innovating ways to engage the students, restore relationships, apply interventions, and seek parent and community support-- all the while never giving up hope on each student and their potential.

As a result of their work, the 2017-18 school year marked the first time Coronado Hills has been rated as "Performance” by the state of Colorado. Their teamwork has proven to create a culture conducive to success and to be honored by the state of Colorado is a fitting recognition to their hard work together. As Marie says, "Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Donald and Marie exemplify the administrative employee that makes Adams 12 Five Star Schools unique, and for that we are #FiveStarProud.

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