New Guest Teachers

Updated on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 2:26pm

Guest teachers refers to licensed (certified) substitutes in the district.  This includes classroom teachers, special education teachers, resource teachers, deans, counselors, career and technical education teachers, interventionists and library media specialists.

As a new Guest Teacher to Adams 12 Five Star Schools you must complete the following steps: 

STEP 1: Guest Teacher (Licensed/Certified) Employment Information: You will receive an email from Human Resources after you have accepted the position through our application system. It will include information about your assignment and HR contact information. 

STEP 2: Background Check:  After accepting the position in the system you will receive an email from our 3rd Party Vendor, Background Information Services Inc. (BISI), with instructions to complete the background screening questionnaire. This must be completed within 24 hours of receipt of the email. You will be contacted by Human Resources if there are concerns with your background check.

STEP 3: All new hires must sign up for an orientation session.  Each orientation session is approximately 2 hours long. Orientations are held at the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Educational Support Center at 1500 E 128th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241.

  • Orientation Agenda
    • 9:00 am - Registration / Check-in / Information Tables (Orientation Presentation begins at 9:15 am)
      • Submit fingerprints if needed
      • Submit new hire paperwork if needed
      • Ask questions from HR and Association representatives
    • 9:15 am - Welcome to Adams 12 Presentation
    • 9:45 am - School Safety Presentation
    • 10:20 am - Question & Answer / Information Tables

STEP 4: Complete and Submit the following new hire packet and licensure information. Download, print, and complete the new hiring packet.  Submit the completed hiring packet, I-9 Form with acceptable identification documents, license, and transcripts to Human Resources at 1500 E 128th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241.

Please note:  In order to help expedite your hire and streamline the orientation process, we request that you bring your completed new hire packet and any other documentation to Human Resources prior to your orientation date. 

  1. New Guest Teacher Hiring Packet 
  2. New Guest Teacher - Substitute Forms
  3. I-9 Form : Identification is required for I-9 verification.  Please bring original IDs with you when you submit your forms to Human Resources.  
  4. Colorado Teaching or Special Services License or Substitute Authorization - Provide a copy of your educator license or an application receipt. If you do not have a valid Colorado educator license, submit your application immediately. Depending on the time of year, it can take a month or more for processing of licenses, so apply as quickly as you can. Log on to the  Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website
  5. Copy of bachelor degree transcripts: Adams 12 does not require applicants to submit transcripts as a part of the application process. You must submit legible copies (front and back), of transcripts showing all conferred degrees to Human Resources by:  emailing transcripts to or mailing or dropping off transcripts to Human Resources at 1500 East 128th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241.  

STEP 5: Adams 12 Email: After your paperwork has been processed you will be assigned an employee ID number.  Please use the Email Login Instructions to setup your email account.

STEP 6: New Employee Handbook & Payroll Information:  Review Payroll Information and the New Employee Handbook.  All new employees are required to become familiar with the contents of the New Employee Handbook.

STEP 7: New Guest Teacher and Classified Substitute Information:  Review the Substitute Resource Guide, Substitute Orientation Information, and the Substitute Quick Start Guide.

STEP 8: Get familiar with important Adams 12 resources (all available online): 

** PLEASE NOTE even though you have been recommended for hire, you will not be formally employed by Adams 12 Five Star Schools until you satisfy ALL of the employment conditions that have been established by the District, and the Board of Education approves your recommendation for hire.**

Human Resources Contact Information for Guest Teachers:

Dennis Moya                
Employment Specialist - Last Name A-E | | 720.972.4066

Laura Foote                
Employment Specialist - Last Name F-L | | 720.972.4073 

Linda Roth               
Employment Specialist - Last Name M-R | | 720.972.4060

Gina Garcia                
Employment Specialist - Last Name S-Z | | 720.972.4064

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