Substitute Services

Updated on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 11:20am

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Guest teacher (Substitute teacher) and classified substitute hiring for the 2018-19 school year begins in July 2018 and continues through March 2019.

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Selected applicants will be notified via email with information on next steps towards sub orientation and employment as an Adams 12 guest teacher or classified substitute.

  • Guest Teachers: Replaces a teacher in the event of an absence.  Guest teachers for Adams 12 requires either a Colorado Teaching License or a Colorado Substitute Authorization (3‐year or 5‐year).

    All licensure is issued though the Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

  • Classified Substitutes: Replaces a classroom paraprofessional, non‐instructional paraprofessional or clerical position. No teaching license is required for classified substitutes. 

2018-2019:  NOT UPDATED YET
2017-2018 Pay for Subs

Guest Teachers are paid either a full day or a half day:

  • Entry Level Rate:  $100.00 per day or $50.00 per 1/2 day.   The Entry Level Rate is for all Guest Teachers holding a 1 Year or 3 Year Substitute Authorization without successful completion of a SubSkills Training Course.  Once the SubSkills Training Course is complete and submitted to the Substitute Office, the Guest Teacher will receive the Regular Rate.
  • Regular Rate$120.00 per day or $60.00 per 1/2 day.   The Regular Rate is for all Guest Teachers holding one of the following CDE licenses:  Professional, Interim, Initial, 5-Year Substitute Authorization or a 1 or 3 Year Substitute Authorization WITH successful completion of a Subskills Training Course. Training is recommended but NOT required for educators holding a CDE educator license or a 5-Year Substitute Authorization. 
  • Long-Term Rate: $140.00 per day or $70.00 per 1/2 day for long-term assignments.  The Long-Term Rate is paid once the 21st consecutive day is reached for the same teacher.

2017-18 Adams 12 Retiree Guest Teacher Pay Rates

  • Regular Retiree Rate:  $120.00 per day or $60.00 per 1/2 day 
  • Long-Term Retiree Rate: $150.00 per day or $75.00 per 1/2 day for long-term assignments.  The Long-Term Rate is paid once the 21st consecutive day is reached for the same teacher.

Super Sub Bonus for Guest Teachers

  • A Super Sub Bonus will be paid in January 2018 for all of our Guest Teachers who have actively worked 70 or more assignments** from August 16th - December 22, 2017.  A second bonus will be paid in June 2018 for all of our Guest Teachers who have actively worked 75 or more assignments from January 9th - May 23, 2018.
  • The Super Sub Bonus will be paid retroactively to include all days worked, as long as the minimum number of days (full and half days) have been met, or exceeded.
  • Any Guest Teacher who works over 70 days first semester and/or works over 75 days second semester will earn an additional $20.00 per full day ($10.00 per half day).
  • ** District school day closures (snow days, emergencies, etc.) are excluded from the 70 or 75 day count.  Guest Teachers must actively work the assignment to count towards the bonus.

2017-18 Adams 12 Classified Substitutes Pay Rates

You are paid hourly at step 1 from the Classified Salary Table for the title of the position that you would be substituting. The job titles that we provide our substitute services for are the following: Campus SecurityStudent MonitorsParaprofessionals for Classrooms, Preschool, Special Education and Special Needs and Office work for the schools or the ESC Building. 

Additional information

Human Resources Contact Information for Substitute Services:

Dennis Moya                
Employment Specialist - Last Name A-E | | 720.972.4066

Laura Foote                
Employment Specialist - Last Name F-L | | 720.972.4073 

Linda Roth               
Employment Specialist - Last Name M-R | | 720.972.4060

Gina Garcia                
Employment Specialist - Last Name S-Z | | 720.972.4064