New bond signs spotlight project work

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 4:15pm

Signs to be placed at each school

A key component of the Five Star Schools 2016 bond program is that it will deliver improvements, renovations and upgrades to every district school and facility.

Reminders of the important investment that community members have made in their neighborhood schools, as well as the entire district, are now popping up in front of each district school.

Beginning in May, the installation of bond thank you signs began at each district school. The signs thank community members for their support and also direct them to where they can get more information about bond projects on the district’s website.

Bond-related school improvements will take place over the next five years as part of the district’s bond timeline but the signs are meant to be a constant reminder of the positive impact community members made with their support of the $350 million bond question.

he district chose to place the bond signs all at the same time as a district-wide symbol of gratitude so the signs might not necessarily correlate with the actual start of improvement work at a school. To find out when your school is scheduled to receive improvements, you are encouraged to visit to view the bond project timeline.

Regardless of when projects begin or finish, the signs will remain in place for the duration of the bond program and the district will use the signs to note when the majority of bond work at a school has been completed.