Updated on Tue, 09/04/2018 - 2:35pm

Information for Parents regarding Expulsion Hearings

An expulsion hearing before a district Hearing Officer is a legal procedure. The hearing is similar to a hearing in City or County Court in many regards. A district Hearing Officer will facilitate the hearing and serve similar to a judge in a court proceeding.

Hearings Officers are professionals with extensive experience in educational law.  They are well versed in District 12 Policy.  Our goal is to provide a fair and impartial hearing for all involved.  Therefore, Officers are independently contracted agents not otherwise employed by the district.

During the Hearing

Once participants are under oath, the Hearing Officer will hear both sides as they present information and evidence related to the case.  The Officer may ask clarifying questions.

The hearing will be recorded.

Evidence from the investigation which resulted in the school referring the student for an expulsion hearing will be considered.  Any additional evidence gained since the original expulsion notification to parents may also be discussed.

Based on the information shared, as well as the facts and merits of the case, the Hearing Officer will make a decision on his or her recommendation.

Following the Hearing

The Hearing Officer’s recommendation will then be forwarded to the Superintendent who will render a written decision within five business days from the time of the hearing.  Parents should not expect a decision at the conclusion of the hearing.

Unless otherwise notified by school officials, the student will remain suspended until the decision letter is received by the family following the hearing.  This letter will explain the decision and direct the student as to what should occur next.

For more details regarding student discipline policy, please review the District Policy 5000 and 5010 for the Code of Conduct and Due Process.

Early Return from Expulsion Options

In some cases, a student who is expelled from the district will have the opportunity to return early from the assigned term of expulsion.  This opportunity is outlined in the initial expulsion letter.  A case manager is assigned to assist the student in understanding the expectations of the early return option.  Those expectations are typically centered around the student accessing services to support a positive change in behavior.