Extended Day Kindergarten

Updated on Wed, 08/01/2018 - 2:54pm

The priority window for the tuition-based, extended day kindergarten program (EDKP) begins January 29, 2018 and runs through February 9, 2018.  Admissions to extended day kindergarten programs are managed by each school individually and are not managed by the Choice Program. Notification comes from the school on approximately February 16, 2018. You can apply directly to whichever school you are interested in attending.  If you are not placed in your desired school’s program but would still like an extended day program, the district will make every effort to place you in the school nearest to your residence. 

Out-of-boundary or out-of-district families that would like to attend an extended day kindergarten program may apply at any participating elementary school.  Placement into an extended day kindergarten program will be dependent on space availability.  Students will be placed following a six-tiered priority system:

  1. First priority to boundary students with siblings already attending the school
  2. Second priority to boundary students who do not have siblings already attending the school
  3. Third priority to in-district students with siblings at the requested school
  4. Fourth priority to out-of-district students with siblings at the school
  5. Fifth priority to in-district students who do not have siblings at the requested school
  6. Sixth priority to out-of-district students who do not have siblings at the requested school.   

After February 9th, enrollment for the extended day kindergarten program can still be taken at any school until the program is full.  The school options at that time will be dependent on the space available.  

The following schools may have space in their tuition-based, extended day kindergarten:

  • Arapahoe Ridge Elementary:  720-972-5740                                   
  • Cherry Drive Elementary:  720-972-5300                               
  • Eagleview Elementary:  720-972-5760 
  • Mountain View Elementary: 720-972-5520
  • Riverdale Elementary: 720-972-5580
  • Skyview Elementary: 720-972-5620            
  • Stellar Elementary: 720-972-2340
  • Woodglen Elementary: 720-972-5700

Tuition for each extended day kindergarten program throughout Adams 12 Five Star Schools is $300 per month. A $50 enrollment fee is due upon acceptance into the program by March 2, 2018, and the balance of $250 will be due by March 16, 2018.  This $300 will be applied toward the May 2019 tuition payment.  Any student for whom an enrollment fee has not been deposited by March 2nd may be removed from the extended day class roster, and their space given to the next student on the wait list.


Admissions to extended day kindergarten programs do not go through the Schools of Choice Program and instead are managed by each school.