Water Sampling Results

Updated on Tue, 07/07/2020 - 11:17am

Our Environmental Services team and staff from our Facilities department will visit and test water at all schools during the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year. Water samples will be collected from every drinking fountain, kitchen food prep sink, lounge sink or other fixtures used for drinking water. Eurofins Laboratories is providing bottles for sample collection and conducting the laboratory analysis. 

Lead is not present in the water supplies sent from the cities, but lead can get into water as it moves through lead-containing plumbing and fixtures. The EPA measures the amount of lead in water as “parts per billion” or “ppb”. One part per billion is equivalent to a single drop of water in 55,000 gallons. As with several other Colorado school districts that are conducting voluntary sampling, Adams 12 Five Star Schools is following the EPA guidelines that any water fixture with lead levels at or above 15 ppb be taken offline and remedied.

As a resource, read a guide (in Spanish) for parents by the Tri-County Health Department on understanding lead issues. 

School-by-School Drinking Water Sampling Results

Yellow indicates 15-19.9 ppb | Orange indicates 20 ppb and above



K-8 and ECE