Location: Vantage Point High School - cafeteria Date: This event has expired.

Cultural and Social Programming for Native students in grades K-5

The K-5 After School Program will focus on social interactions and hands on cultural activities. In the past we have utilized the upcoming holidays and events to create items as well as applied STEAm programs for the students. We also take field trips to local play grounds and walks to a nearby pond to discuss season changes and animal watching. We will also play games together as this class allows the students to be in an all native group atmosphere that they don't have during the school day. As the students attend other native "doins" around the local Denver area they will see the friends they have created in the program hopefully created more encouragement to attend other native events in the future. 

The children are given a culturally tied snack (hominy, other dried corns, beans, fruit, veggies are current mainstays) upon arrival and given time to complete homework if needed.

Students can be transported from their elementary by either the district bus system or the Native Education bus. The Youth Advocate currently makes stops at Steller, SkyView, Riverdale, Leroy, and Studio Schools on the way to Vantage Point High School located at 10900 Huron St., Northglenn, CO 80234.  The district also runs a bus from Mountain View Elementary (Bus Route 74) to Vantage Point HS.  Contact Phillip Gover by email phillip.gover@adams12.org or call 303-549-5581. (if you call, leave a message with the student's name and school as well as the parent's name if the phone is not answered) I will need a week to set up additional bus transportation through the district tranpsortation department and contacting the student's administration.