April 16 Weekly Community Update

Thursday, April 16, 2020 - 1:15pm

Information on social-emotional support, grading practices and online safeguards

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Dear Five Star Families,

As a reminder, we are now sending a regular community update each Thursday afternoon to the Five Star community for the remainder of the school year. This communication is designed to consolidate important updates for you into one weekly email. 



Grading Practices for Remote Learning
The grade that your child had prior to the start of remote learning will be the grade for the end of the 2019-2020 school year as long as they remain engaged and participate in remote learning through the end of the year. If you have concerns about your child’s grade, they have the opportunity to improve that grade through work and conversations with their teacher. For more information about grading, attendance and participation, contact your child’s teacher or visit www.adams12.org/remotelearning.

Applying for Meal Benefits
Families experiencing changes in income or circumstances are encouraged to apply or reapply for free or reduced-price school meal benefits using current income information. All families that are approved for meal benefits will receive the same meal benefits through September 2020. You can find more information and apply online at www.adams12.org/mealbenefits. For questions or support in filling out the application, email nutritionmealbenefit@adams12.org.

Social-emotional Support from Schools
Each school has social-emotional supports for students. At our middle and high schools, the mental health and counseling teams have provided their contact information on the counseling web page of their school’s website. At our elementary schools, the social-emotional learning teams have created a variety of ways to offer support. Families can contact their classroom teacher, principal, counselor or social-emotional learning team to request support.

Ways for Parents to Protect Student Privacy
Here are some “do’s and don’ts” that we respectfully ask parents and students to follow, to best support the district’s videoconferencing safeguards, prevent uninvited guests from interfering with students’ remote learning, and protect student privacy:

  • DO discuss with your student the importance of being safe, responsible and respectful online.

  • DO follow the district’s policies, including policies pertaining to student conduct and discipline.

  • DO report any online behavior concerns or cyberbullying to your teacher, principal, assistant principal or the District’s Title IX/Nondiscrimination Coordinator, as described in the district’s remote learning FAQs.

  • DON’T share meeting invites for Google Meet or Zoom with others who are not in the student’s class. 

  • DON’T post meeting invites for Google Meet or Zoom on social media or other public-facing websites.

  • DON’T record virtual classroom instruction, class discussions or other types of class meetings.

  • Finally, please DON’T record or take photos of virtual class instruction, etc. that includes other students besides your own student and then post the recording or photo on social media or other public-facing websites.

    Note: If the teacher believes that the virtual class discussion will be helpful to those students unable to attend, the teacher will record the discussion and post it on a secure webpage for students’ viewing, in accordance with staff videoconferencing guidelines.




  • Remote Learning: Information about the district’s Remote Learning and FAQs

  • Family Technical Assistance: Technical assistance in support of remote learning. Families can also request technical assistance by sending an email to familytechsupport@adams12.org or calling (720) 972-4118. Please include student name, student ID number and the best way to contact you in your message. 

  • Grab and Go Meals: Information about the district's grab and go food distribution

  • Mental Health Resources: Talking points and resources for families when talking to children about COVID-19

  • Student Family Outreach Program: Resources for families including meals, housing, mental health, internet access, unemployment and more 

  • Community letters: An archive of COVID-related district communications and resources

Supporting Our Community
The Five Star Education Foundation is organizing monetary donations that go directly to providing food for meal distribution and technology support for learning at home. Read more and donate today online.



Join the #FiveStarRemote Conversation!
We have been so touched seeing all of the amazing stories that are being shared during this time. We invite you to join the #FiveStarRemote conversation by sharing something good that you’re seeing in our community right now. We will do our best to highlight your stories on our social media pages.

Support by the numbers April 16

The teams at Adams 12 Five Star Schools have been very busy behind the scenes during this time of remote learning. See what they’ve been able to accomplish as of April 16. 

Community Partners
The Morgridge Family Foundation generously donated $100,000 to address unmet food needs through our food distribution system and fulfill remote learning needs in our community. Thanks to their support and service of our community we are able to ensure more families have what they need during this unprecedented time. Watch a video of how we distribute food each week to families.