April 9 Weekly Community Update

Thursday, April 9, 2020 - 1:15pm

Information on refunds, student belongings’ pick-up, resources and more

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We want to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past month as we have worked through the many challenges and changes that have come with the ongoing presence of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in our state.

On Friday, April 3, Superintendent Gdowski - along with other Denver metro superintendents - extended remote learning for the remainder of the school year. This decision brings us to a new phase of this journey.

As we move forward, we want to continue to communicate with you but be mindful of not overwhelming you with new information, especially as your family is receiving regular communication from your student’s teacher and school.

Beginning today, April 9, we will begin sending a regular community update each Thursday afternoon. This communication is designed to consolidate important updates for you into one weekly email. 



Student Belongings Pick-up
Public health officials have announced the next couple weeks will be critical in terms of limiting the exposure to and the spread of COVID-19. That is why the Governor extended the stay-at-home order through April 26. We continue to follow the guidance of health officials about social distancing and other protective measures, and with this information, it wouldn’t be prudent or safe for us to open the schools and allow families to pick up student belongings at this time. We are committed to providing this opportunity at a later date before the end of the school year and will provide additional information as soon as we are able. 

Medication Pick-up
We recognize some of our families have student medication stored at their child’s school. For many, access to this medication is critically important as the availability of certain medications from pharmacies has been limited since the outbreak of COVID-19. A plan has been established for curbside pick-up of medications and we will send additional communication regarding the pick-up process to affected families as soon as this evening.  

Fee Refunds
Many families have reached out regarding refunds of student fees paid for canceled activities and remaining balances in their child’s account. At this time, the district is fully refunding the following student fees and/or account balances:

  • School lunch account balances

    • Student accounts that are set to auto replenish with PayForIt have been frozen.

  • Canceled field trips

  • CHSAA-sponsored spring athletics

Refunds will be issued by households and one check will be sent for all students residing in the primary household. Refund checks will be issued by April 23, 2020 to the primary household address. If you receive a check and believe you are not the intended recipient, the refund letter will provide instructions for further handling. Information about other fees will be communicated as soon as we are able. Any questions about the above fees to be refunded, please email finance@adams12.org.

*Refunds will be sent via check directly to families. Some families have indicated their preference to donate their refund to the district to help families in need of services such as meals and devices for learning. Refunds cannot be transferred but see below for how to support our community through the Five Star Education Foundation at any time. 

Videoconferencing Safeguards
The district is aware of incidents across the country of unwelcome intrusions into video conferencing sessions. We recently issued comprehensive staff guidance to minimize the risks associated with video conferencing. Please visit the district’s Remote Learning webpage for more information about these safeguards and other steps the district has taken to best protect student privacy in remote learning.

While district-issued technology devices already contain content filtering, families should discuss with their students the importance of being safe, responsible and respectful online, regardless of whether the student is using district-issued technology or a personal technology device. We should also note that students are still responsible for complying with the district’s student conduct and discipline code during remote learning, including but not limited to District Policy 5035: Student Use of District Technology and the Internet.



  • Remote Learning: Information about the district’s Remote Learning and FAQs

  • Family Technical Assistance: Technical assistance in support of remote learning. Families can also request technical assistance by sending an email to familytechsupport@adams12.org or calling (720) 972-4118. Please include student name, student ID number and the best way to contact you in your message. 

  • Grab and Go Meals: Information about the district's grab and go food distribution

  • Mental Health Resources: Talking points and resources for families when talking to children about COVID-19

  • Student Family Outreach Program: Resources for families including meals, housing, mental health, internet access, unemployment and more 

  • Community letters: An archive of COVID-related district communications and resources

Supporting Our Community
The Five Star Education Foundation is organizing monetary donations that go directly to providing food for meal distribution and technology support for learning at home. Read more and donate today online.


Join the #FiveStarRemote Conversation!
We have been so touched seeing all of the amazing stories that are being shared during this time. We invite you to join the #FiveStarRemote conversation by sharing something good that you’re seeing in our community right now. Is that a virtual connection with your child’s teacher or a way you or your child are giving back to the community? We will do our best to highlight your stories on our social media pages.