Cotton Creek expansion moving forward after water slows work

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 1:45pm

Unexpected water sets back first month of construction

Water slowed the first month of construction on the expansion of Cotton Creek Elementary in Westminster.

When construction crews excavated the massive hole on the northwest corner of the school to begin foundation work, they found the water table was higher than anticipated. The discovery prompted three tedious weeks of pumping water out of the hole and looking for a permanent solution to get foundation work going.

With a solution in hand – crushed rocked was hauled into provide stability for construction equipment – the drilling of 61 foundational caissons got underway in late January. Since it is still early in the project, contractor JHL Constructors will now look for opportunities to make up for lost time.

Caisson drilling is currently expected to last through mid-February. Once that work is complete, another foundational component – the placing of concrete grade beams – will begin.

The expansion of Cotton Creek will add eight classrooms to the building and allow the school to remove three mobile classroom buildings.

The expansion is possible thanks to voter support of a $350 million school construction bond in November 2016.