District celebrates Classified Employee Week

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 2:03pm
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Honoring the over 1,800 classified employees that support student success

Adams 12 Five Star Schools has been celebrating the dedication and hard work of classified employees across the district for more than 30 years. This year, the Five Star District recognizes the important contributions of the more than 1,800 classified employees districtwide during Classified Employee Week, October 17-21. 

Classified employees play crucial roles in our schools and communities. From transporting and feeding students to teaching them important skills and ensuring that schools are operating smoothly, classified employees are integral in providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for all Five Star students. Each role a classified employee fills requires a unique skillset, but they have one underlying similarity - their work directly supports the success of all Five Star students and schools. Classified employees make a difference in the lives of students, staff and parents daily. 

This week and throughout the year, Adams 12 Five Star Schools appreciates the hardwork of each and every classified employee. Listed below are a few staff members who were highlighted by their schools for their tireless work in support of the needs of the entire Five Star community:

Early Childhood

  • Becky McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant — Early Childhood Education Center
    "Becky keeps the Early Childhood Education program running smoothly. She is an executive assistant, registrar, health aide, custodian, caregiver, parent liasion and so much more - we would be utterly lost without her!"

Elementary School

  • Dee Carrillo, Kitchen Manager — Coronado Hills 
    "Dee knows our students and makes everyone feel welcome in the cafeteria. A problem solver with a growth mindset, she continues to improve our lunchroom to best meet the needs of the entire Coronado Hills community."
  • Kalyn Peter, Bus Driver — Cotton Creek 
    "Kalyn's consistent smile sends students off to school and greets them when they return to the bus at the end of the day. Her kind demeanor helps to set Cotton Creek students up for success each day."
  • Tami Johnson, Office Manager — Cotton Creek 
    "Tami is stellar at keeping our school running smoothly. She does her job with a positive attitude day in and day out and always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the entire Cotton Creek community."
  • Cindy Addy, Registrar — Cotton Creek 
    "Cindy is the "voice" of Cotton Creek! Through her always pleasant demeaner, she consistently promotes a positive school environment for our students, staff and parents!"
  • Bryon Gutherie, Head Custodian — Coyote Ridge 
    "As Head Custodian and a member of our school safety team, Bryon takes pride in his work to assure Coyote Ridge is a safe and clean environment for our students every day. "
  • Ignacio "Nacho" Alvarado, Head Custodian — Eagleview 
    "His job is difficult and demanding at times, and no matter what, Nacho follows-through with a smile on his face! He goes above and beyond to make the Eagleview community a clean and comfortable learning environment each and every day!"
  • Denise Clark, Office Manager — Hillcrest 
    "Denise has supported Five Star students in more ways than one - as a bus driver, health aide, registrar and now office manager. Her role at Hillcrest came at a time of change where she took on new responsibilities and trained our new registrar, all while supporting the school community with a friendly smile!"
  • Lori Buster, Head Custodian — Hillcrest 
    "Lori is amazing in so many ways - not only does she keep our building spotless, but she keeps Hillcrest students safe by walking the perimeter to make sure all doors are locked. Her pride in her work and high expectations make for a beautiful and safe learning environment for our students."

​Middle School

  • Surasak (Swiss) Mungmee, Head Custodian — Rocky Top 
    "It is said that the most powerful leaders do so through example, and that typifies Swiss. With positivity, he leads a hardworking team that provides a clean learning environment for the entire Rocky Top community day in and day out."
  • Colleen Neelands and Chuck Hubble, Custodians — Shadow Ridge 
    "Colleen and Chuck have been the two constants at Shadow Ridge over the last five months. Both hardworkers, they never make excuses, take pride in building a positive learning environment and push through adversity with a positive attitude."
  • Patty Long, Office Manger — Shadow Ridge
    "Patty wears many hats at our school - she is counselor, mom, delegator, master multi-tasker, runs the school from multiple perspectives and Shadow Ridge Queen of all Trades. Our community would be lost without her!"
  • Jen Brienza, Paraeducator — Shadow Ridge
    "Jen has been a paraeducator for over 14 years in Shadow Ridge's special education department. Her support of our special education students allows them to focus on the academic work and reach for success in school!"
  • Carissa Torres, Special Education Paraeducator — Shadow Ridge
    "Carissa cultivates relationships and supports all students, regardless of their ability, to participate in every activity and game in Drama class. The Shadow Ridge community is grateful to have such a caring, supportive and giving employee on our team"
  • Keith Lauer, Head Custodian — The International School at Thornton Middle 
    "Keith works diligently day in and day out to make sure that The International School is a clean and safe environment. He supports both students and staff, no matter the task, always with a positive attitude!"
  • Lena Fraley, Registrar — The International School at Thornton Middle
    "Lena goes far beyond her job description to welcome students and families to The International School. She takes a personal interest in assuring the transition for new students is a smooth and positive one."
  • Laura Bowman, Transitions Facilitator — The International School at Thornton Middle
    "Laura assures there are no barriers for any families at The International School at Thornton Middle by serving as an advocate and interpreter for our Spanish-speaking families. She works tirelessly to involve all of our families in school and district activities."

High School

  • Carolina Navarra, Registrar — Horizon
    "Carolina has an incredible work ethic, a deep level of empathy for all Horizon students and families, and a dazzling can-do attitude that she continually demonstrates in supporting our many families."
  • Reshaun Castro, Office Manager — Mountain Range
    "Reshaun is "The Mountain". She keeps everything running smoothly, from payroll to working with parents, to planning events that celebrate the acheivements of all Mountain Range students, always arriving at the best outcome"
  • Debbie Scheck, Kitchen Manager — Mountain Range
    "Debbie manages the largest high school lunch program in the Five Star District and takes great pride in providing a quality nutritional experience for all of the students at Mountain Range"
  • Jared Martinez, Custodian — Mountain Range
    "Jared manages a less than fully staffed crew, yet continues to maintain a clean and safe facility for use seven days a week. He demonstrates pride in his work and cares deeply about meeting the needs of the entire Mountain Range community."
  • Gail Stech, Registrar — Thornton
    "Gail does a great job supporting and assisting Thornton High students and families through the registration process. Her attention to detail is phenomenal."
  • Val Forbes, Office Manager — Thornton
    "Val makes Thornton High run. She manages time and attendance for the school and provides invaluable support to multiple administrators!
  • Lisa Koopman, Head Custodian/Facility Coordinator — Thornton
    "Many from the Thornton High community have indicated that our school is clean and welcoming. This is possible due to Lisa's strong work ethic and her leadership of a team that works day in and day out to address the needs within our building."
  • Janet Frazier, Bookkeeper — Thornton
    "Janet goes above and beyond to ensure that Thornton High runs smoothly. She does an exceptional job communicating with our families about financial transactions and is always willing to lend a hand and support our community!"
  • Laura Milani, Athletic Secretary — Thornton
    "New to her position, Laura has already developed new systems to ensure all facets of our athletic and activites programs run smoothly. In her short time here, she has already made a tremondous difference within the Thornton High community."
  • Kathy Hoy, Counseling Secretary — Thornton
    "Kathy does an outstanding job assisting with registration, welcoming new families and students to Thornton High, and ensuring that students in need get the assistance they desire. Her calming presence and organizational skills make her an asset to our entire school community."