District celebrates Classified Employee Week Oct. 16-20

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 2:00pm
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Honoring the over 1,800 classified employees that support student success

Adams 12 Five Star Schools has been celebrating the dedication and hard work of classified employees across the district for more than 30 years. This year, the Five Star District recognizes the important contributions of the more than 1,800 classified employees districtwide during Classified Employee Week, October 16-20, 2017. 

Classified employees play crucial roles in our schools and communities. From transporting and feeding students to teaching them important skills and ensuring that schools are operating smoothly, classified employees are integral in providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for all Five Star students. Each role a classified employee fills requires a unique skillset, but they have one underlying similarity - their work directly supports the success of all Five Star students and schools. Classified employees make a difference in the lives of students, staff and parents daily. 

This week and throughout the year, Adams 12 Five Star Schools appreciates the hardwork of each and every classified employee. Listed below are a few staff members who were highlighted by their schools for their tireless work in support of the needs of the entire Five Star community:

Elementary School

  • Lori Buster, Head Custodian — Hillcrest
    "Lori is outstanding. She works relentlessly, always has a smile on her face and cheer in her heart, and keeps the building sparkling, operating smoothly and efficiently organized. She makes Hillcrest amazing.

  • Rochelle Gomer, Library Media Technician — Eagleview
    "We are so very lucky to have Rochelle at Eagleview. The library is "the" place to be at our school, as she is consistently striving to build the love of reading in our students. Rochelle goes above and beyond to build a literacy rich culture in our school, and is always looking for new ways to engage students with their specific interests and inquiries.

  • Lisa Hassel, Media Clerk — Prairie Hills
    "Lisa wears many hats. It’s amazing how she gets done all of the things she does and keeps the library running so efficiently at the same time. She is bright and cheery every day. She makes the library a wonderfully inviting place to be.  Lisa is a true gem and deserves to be recognized for consistently going above and beyond the call of her duty.

  • Angie LaGrange, Head Custodian — Riverdale
    "Angie goes above and beyond her job description in many ways, and even redecorated a weathered school display just before the community arrived for Back to School Night.  Angie is a self-starter who takes pride in our building, and it shows.  We are lucky to have Angie supporting all our students and staff!

  • Rose Ludwig, Specials Para-educator — Tarver
    "Rose is amazing. Her love for the children inspires everyday. She has put in her time and true dedication and was put on this earth to touch the lives of children with severe special needs, kids without special needs and [our team]!

  • Donalee Ortega, Custodian — Coronado Hills
    "Donalee goes above and beyond her duties here at the school. In addition to her job, she is also dedicated to her family. This past year Donalee has lost several members of her family and through it all, she shows up to work ever so cheerful, ready to help whenever, however she can.

  • Debra Phillips, Registrar — Glacier Peak
    "To say that Debra is the heart and soul of Glacier Peak would be a gross understatement. She exemplifies what it means to exceed expectations in every effort that she is a part of. Debra is the heartbeat that drives our school community and she has a special way of warming everyone's heart as they walk through the doors of our building. Debra is so helpful and thorough in everything she does. The Glacier Peak community appreciates her dedication to ensuring that Glacier Peak continues to be a special place for everyone."
  • Casey Sauer, Secretary — Tarver
    "Casey always has a smile and has changed the atmosphere of our front office to a wonderfully happy place. She is one of the staff leaders for our Tarver Student Council and she is a genius when it comes to helping our Robotics team trouble shoot robot programming issues. Tarver wouldn't be the same without her.

  • Karen Spotts, Media Clerk — Skyview
    "Karen is a valuable asset to Skyview that we couldn't live without. She goes out of her way to provide treats and prizes to keep these students motivated. She keeps the boat afloat and is always willing to step in and lend a hand or help teachers and students alike.  She is adored by all!"

  • Luz Tejada, Registrar — Coronado Hills
    "Luz embodies the word professionalism. She goes over and beyond her role to support students and families.  She is incredibly efficient and is able to register students, answer phones and greet parents with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Her ability to multitask in a demanding work environment is a strength for Luz and we are honored to work with her everyday.

Middle School

  • Nancy Bender, Media Technician — The International School at Thornton Middle
    "Nancy is committed to the students and staff and embraces her integral role in the library/learning commons. She is constantly thinking of ways to put interesting books on display, offering fun reading incentives for special events, organizing systems for students to visit us at lunch periods, and seeking out wonderful materials to add to our library collection. She is knowledgeable in all that she does and goes above and beyond what is expected all the time. She is a trusted individual among our entire school community and our library/learning commons space would not be successful without her here.

  • Lena Fraley, Registrar — The International School at Thornton Middle
    "Lena works very hard to support students and families in every way possible.She goes beyond her job duties in trying to know as much about students and their life situations as possible when they register in our building. Lena takes the extra time to ensure all students have equal access to education and district resources!

  • Suzanna Johnson, Special Education Para-educator — The International School at Thornton Middle
    "Suzie is always looking for ways to better our students and our community. She finds time to collaborate with staff and students, finding ways to support our students academically and socially. Teachers ​state​ that she is a joy to have in the classroom, and she is willing to help any student in the room.

  • Tricia Zendejas, Specials Para-educator — Independence Academy
    Tricia is loved beyond measure by all the students and staff here at IA. Tricia gives all of her heart everyday. She is patient, kind and always takes extra time out of her day to make sure each and everyone of our kids know they are special and loved. Tricia makes that difference everyday with the kids here in our program.

High School

  • Juana Lorenzo Budde, Student Support Coach — Pathways
    Juana has been a Student Support Coach here at Pathways for three years and she is amazing at her job. She does just what her title says, she supports students in every way. We treasure her here at Pathways, as do the students.

  • Sandi Cross, Specials Para-educator — Horizon 
    "Sandi has a calm, consistent, and patient manner which has proven to assist students in academics and de-escalating behavior.  She is acknowledged for her dedication and efforts, to assist students in their progress and her exemplary professionalism at Horizon High School.”
  • Donna White, Office Clerk — Pathways
    "Donna is the daytime office clerk and she is amazing at her job. She goes above and beyond everyday for the good of our students and needs to be recognized!

District Educational Support Center

  • Nancy Bunjes, Medicaid Coordinator  
    "Nancy is one smart lady and is able to bring an outstanding amount of information and knowledge to our district. She is professional, understanding, and wise beyond her years. The Medicaid Program has grown in leaps and bounds due to Nancy's passion and energy.

  • Holly Engel, Medicaid Administrative Assistant  
    "Amazing, patient, calm, reliable, knowledgeable and team player all describe Holly Engel. You never have to worry if Holly will be there to take care of her responsibilities and they are always completed well within the timelines given.  Holly is willing to take on extra work to get the job done and help out her co-workers if needed.  She truly is amazing and such a joy to work with.