District Increases Guest Teacher Pay

Saturday, December 12, 2015 - 12:59pm

As part of the Five Star District’s efforts to hire and attract talented guest (substitute) teachers, the district restructured the guest teacher pay program to become more competitive with neighboring districts and retain existing talent.

As of Sept. 16, 2015, a new pay rate took effect. Entry level pay increased from $95 to $100 per full day. After working 30 assignments, the guest teacher daily rate will increase to $120 per full day. Guest teachers working a long-term assignment will receive $140 per full day, up from $133 per full day.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools retiree guest teachers will also see an increase. The new rate increased from $114 to $120 per full day, and long-term retiree pay increased from $142.50 to $150 per full day.

The Five Star District also introduced a new Super Sub Bonus. Any guest teacher who works 135 or more assignments (full or half day) in the school year will receive the Super Sub Bonus on their June pay check. Guest teachers earning $120 per full day will earn an additional $20 per full day upon completion of 135 or more assignments. This means a guest teacher has the potential to earn a $3,080 bonus.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools is committed to ensuring high-quality instruction in every classroom, every day. The district recognizes that guest teachers play a very important role in the academic success of students.