Families provide valuable feedback to schools

Monday, April 30, 2018 - 5:00pm
survey results

Record number of parents participate in districtwide parent survey

In spring 2018, Adams 12 Five Star Schools families responded in record number to the 2017-18 Parent Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. Nearly 6,200 parents across the Five Star District participated in the online survey, representing more than 10 ethnicities.

As a diverse district, our Board of Education and Five Star staff strive to develop and support school communities in effective school and family partnering that creates welcoming and inclusive environments which value:

  • Opportunities for families and school staff to communicate with each other and understand what students are learning: When asked who’s primarily responsible for good communication, 54 percent of families said the school and 41 percent said parents. This indicates our families see “good communication” as a partnership that goes both ways; family-to-school and school-to-family. When asked if school-to-parent communication is an issue, 82% of families said there was little to no issue at all. Even more encouraging was that 88% of families indicated they have no issue with how their school communicates with people from their culture.  

  • Cultural diversity, awareness, and sensitivity: Across the district, 85 percent of families said their school is welcoming to families. When asked how good a fit the school is based on cultural background, 76 percent of parents responded favorably, including 71 of Hispanic families. When asked if students had a sense of belonging at the school, 66 percent of parents reported as favorable, with Hispanic and African American reporting above that percentage. However, only 60 percent reported favorably to the question of how our schools value the diversity of children's backgrounds.  

  • Opportunities for parents and families to assist with their student’s learning: When asked how confident parents are in their ability to support their child's learning at home, 76 percent reported they feel confident. When asked questions about how often parents visited their child’s school, met with their teacher and discussed school work, parents across the district ranked near the 60th percentile when compared nationally to other districts, showing better than average results on family involvement in learning. However, when asked to what extent the district creates opportunities where parents can assist with their student’s learning, 47% responded favorable, with another 33% as “somewhat”.


As a district, we had over 23% of family members participate. The national standard is 20% so we appreciate all who took the time to complete the survey and provide valuable feedback!

Between schools, we host a friendly competition to see who can have the highest family participation. This year, our winner is Coyote Ridge with 60% of parents completing the survey! Incredible! They threw a party at the end of the year where Superintendent Chris Gdowski came to hand out popsicles to students. 

Here's the list of winners by region and level with their participation rate in parentheses:

  • Area One: North Star (27%)
  • Area Two: Stellar (35%)
  • Area Three: Silver Creek (45%)
  • Area Four: McElwain (58% - so close!)
  • Area Five: Coyote Ridge (grand prize winner with 60%!)
  • Area Six: Rocky Top (22%)
  • Alternative: Vantage Point/Crossroads (12%)
  • High Schools: Horizon (18%)


Moving Forward

For the 2017-18 school year, the Five Star District has participated in a year-long engagement process called “ELEVATE” to develop a new five-year strategic plan. Over 3,000 people participated in the fall and spring engagement sessions to provide input on who we are and who we want to be in the next five years. The community-driven plan will be unveiled in August 2018.

Many of the growth areas from the 2017-18 Parent Engagement and Satisfaction Survey will be considered in the new plan and may include:

  • Increasing staff and support for students to improve school fit and academic outcomes.
  • Providing social and emotional supports for students and communities.
  • Additional learning activities that may provide a better fit for your child.
  • Improving cultural acceptance and embracing diversity.

To find out more about the ELEVATE process, visit www.adams12.org/ELEVATE.