Flurry of construction activity at Thunder Vista P-8

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 4:00pm

October marked start of interior, exterior framing

Work is literally happening at all levels of the new Thunder Vista P-8 in Broomfield as construction on the school passes the 5-month construction mark.

On a recent sunny October day at the construction site, ironworkers straddled steel beams at the top of the three-story building as dirt movers far below began the process to backfill the school’s massive foundation walls. Inside the school, framers and drywall workers have helped the school’s rooms take shape while HVAC contractors have begun to uncoil the massive ductwork system that will snake, mostly unseen, throughout the building.

While Adolfson and Peterson Construction (AP) Site Superintendent Kevin Harrison admits the pace can never be fast enough for him as he eyes a Summer 2018 construction finish, he is pleased with the progress of work. He estimates there are between 90-100 workers on site on any given day carrying out a number of a construction activities from ironwork to concrete pours to framing work. There will be 180 to 200 workers on site when building construction hits its peak.

As of late October, structural steel installation was about 65 percent complete and structural masonry work is about 85 to 90 percent with the final concrete masonry bricks going into place on the second of two elevator towers.

Metal framing studs now dot parts of the building’s exterior and interior. Drywall has been installed in the school’s lower level mechanical room.

November will be another significant month for the project. Exterior sheathing will begin to be placed around the building exterior, which will allow brick veneer work to start. Roof installation is also planned to start and the majority of structural steel work should be done by the end of November.

October Highlights

First concrete slab pours on all three levels of school

Structural steel installation

Start of exterior and interior framing

Start of building system installation (HVAC, plumbing)

Start of backfill dirt work on foundation walls

Continued concrete pour work

Looking ahead to November

Continued structural steel installation

Start of roof installation

Continued interior and exterior framing work

Continued installation of building systems (HVAC, plumbing)

Completion of structural masonry work

Interior drywall work

Start of exterior brick veneer work

Start of foundation work on building front entrance

Thunder Vista P-8 aerial tour