FutureForward students show off impressive campus and skills

Friday, October 29, 2021 - 10:15am
Future Forward Students

Five Star Stories Spotlight

Our FutureForward students and staff got to show off their beautiful Washington Square campus as well as their impressive skillset to the community twice last week.  

The Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) got to tour the 49,500 square-foot facility, which features classroom and lab space for criminal science, forensic science, EMT and fire science programs as well as high-bay learning spaces to accommodate diesel, welding and construction programs. View some snapshots from the LRPAC tour. Notice some of our administrators, board members and committee members actively participating in demonstrations. Superintendent Chris Gdowski was particularly encouraged to see so many young women exploring careers traditionally dominated by men

All of our CTE programs invite representatives from industry, parents, students, and the Five Star District to join for a time of targeted conversation and feedback twice a year at the FutureForward District Fall Advisory Committee meeting. These snapshots highlight our spectacular ProStart students and the food they prepared for the event as well as the individual meetings. 

Everyone agreed, the FutureForward students and staff are amazing hosts!

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