Get to know our Board of Education

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 8:45am
Board members

January is School Board Recognition Month

School board members are ordinary people who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to our public schools. January marks School Board Recognition Month and is the perfect time to thank our Board members for their untiring efforts. We are very grateful for our Board of Education and roles they serve in the Five Star Community. Take a few minutes to get to know our Board with some fun facts they shared with us below.

Lori Goldstein

Lori Goldstein, President, District 1

  • I chose to run for the Board because I felt this would be a natural progression in my involvement with public education. My years of experience in education, almost all in Adams 12 Five Star Schools, gave me the skill set I felt I needed to be an asset to the Board.
  • I enjoy golf, snowboarding, bicycling, and scuba diving.  
  • I have three children. The two daughters are 26 and 24 and they are graduates of Five Star Schools. One is a science teacher in the Five Star District and the other is a student at DU Law. My son is 12 and he attends STEM Launch. My husband is a structural engineer. I volunteer as a snowboard instructor with the National Sports Center for the Disabled.
  • I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD. I graduated from Lincoln High School and then came out here to attend Colorado State University. I graduated from CSU with a bachelor's in Outdoor Recreation with a license to teach science. I continued my education with a Master’s in Education, course work to receive a Principal’s License, and course work to get a license in Special Education. 
  • I was an educator in the Five Star District for 34 years and I am now retired. I taught science, special education, and I was a dean. I then served as a leader in the District 12 Educator’s Association for several years before I retired.
  • Ensuring every student has access to a quality education and that they make growth is a must. I will always be a passionate advocate for adequate funding. Teacher recruitment and retention is an increasing area that needs attention, supporting these efforts are also important to me. 

Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell, Vice President, District 5

  • I joined our school board in 2015 to be a voice of parents, students, and our community. Our community values strong neighborhood public schools and I’ve worked hard to build their trust in the district. The success of that work led our community to invest in upgrading and expanding district facilities, investing in the retention of our world class staff, and expanding learning opportunities and support for our students.
  • I have always had a passion for seeing the world, trying new foods, and learning about other cultures. I was very fortunate to travel and see much of the world through my career in communications, aerospace, and consulting. When you are trying to see the world while on business trips, you become very adept at “packing it in” on the weekends!
  • I’m a new Oma – that’s German for grandmother! Our precious granddaughter was born Aug 13, 2021 and lives in Germany with her mom, our oldest daughter, and her German husband. We managed to navigate the testing and avoid COVID to get to visit Germany and hold our new darling over the winter break.
  • I was very fortunate to be hired as a cooperative education student my sophomore year of college by the Department of Defense. Co-oping was, and still is, an excellent way to gain valuable work experience while earning money to pay for college. After graduation, I spent the majority of my career as a civil servant developing and acquiring communication systems in support of our intelligence community and our brave service members.  
  • My goal for our Adams 12 Five Star Schools is to continue to build on the academic achievements of recent years. We can do this by continuing to encourage innovation and implementation of evidenced based curriculum and instruction benefiting our most at risk students, as well as expanding opportunities for all of our students.

Jamey Lockley

Jamey Lockley, Secretary, District 2

  • I joined the Board in November of 2015. I really enjoyed my time as a student in Five Star Schools and felt that being on the Board was a way to give back and ensure my children had the same valuable experience.
  • I am an avid crafter. I love doing all sorts of crafts, on my own and with my kids - Perler beads, jewelry making, painting, bead mosaics, etc.
  • I am a finance professional at CU Boulder, a mother of two small children, and an involved church member. I also like spending time outdoors with my family.
  • I moved around a bit as a kid because my dad was in the Air Force. I attended middle and high school in Northglenn.
  • I am really excited to see, and be a part of, bringing the ELEVATE goals to life. From CTE, social-emotional learning, and outside-the-classroom learning.

Courtney Potter

Courtney Potter, Director, District 3

  • I joined the Five Star Board to support our kids and help ensure they receive a valuable, quality education. 
  • My hobbies include watching my kids play baseball, decorating/DIYing around my home, and crafting. 
  • Most people don’t know that I have a soft spot for animals in need. I regularly foster a variety of animals until they find their forever home! 
  • I grew up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. My family owns an orchard and pumpkin patch so when I wasn’t at school, sports or on the lake, I was climbing trees with my siblings. 
  • I am a small business owner who has focused on both cosmetology and business consulting. 
  • I am hoping to be a bridge between parents, the community and the district in order to increase communication and transparency. I would also like to continue finding new and effective ways to meet our students wide variety of needs. 

Amira Assad-Lucas

Amira Assad Lucas, Director, District 4

  • I am newly elected to the Board and was sworn in December 2021. I ran for the Board because I wanted to continue the work of developing educational opportunities that benefit all students, and collaborate with stakeholders to continue strengthening our schools.
  • A passion of mine is learning about history.
  • Something many people don’t know about me is that I am the first person on my dad’s side to be born in the United States. Most of my family lives in Nazareth, Israel. I was born and raised in Sidney, Nebraska.
  • I am a mental health therapist/counselor and work part-time through my husband’s practice.
  • My goal as a board member is to continue the work with developing and creating equitable education for all our students, as well as focusing on creating educational paths that will benefit every student and help them be successful long-term.

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