Learn how the district is funded

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 3:01pm
Funding 101

Make sense of the state and district funding challenges we face.

As many in the district may know, Colorado continues to struggle in terms of adequately funding education. This school year alone, the Five Star District has received almost $1,000 less per student as a result of funding cuts from the state that started in 2010. These operating dollars go toward attracting and keeping the best teachers, offering students a robust curriculum with specialized learning opportunities and providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Additionally, the state does not provide a funding source to maintain our aging schools, build new schools to address overcrowding and expand space for in-demand educational programming such as Career and Technical Education.

Making sense of state and district funding challenges

From understanding TABOR and Amendment 23 to navigating Bonds and district budgets, we have you covered. Head back to school and explore our Funding 101 webpage to better understand the challenges we face as a district and state!

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