Legacy football player inspires after sustaining injury

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 10:45am

Student returns to school earlier than anticipated

On Oct. 3 during a Legacy High School football practice, sophomore Cameron Shelley (Cam) sustained an injury to his spinal cord resulting in loss of movement in his arms and legs. Cam was transported to Children’s Hospital where he and his family were informed that his injury, Central Cord Syndrome, would likely cause him to be hospitalized for several months.

Without knowing how long recovery may take, or the lasting impacts of his injury, Cam remained positive and optimistic while hospitalized. Amazingly, Cam was released from the hospital just before Thanksgiving, nearly two months sooner than originally anticipated.

Although Cam is currently going through rehabilitation at Craig Hospital and working to regain strength and movement, he is now able to walk and continues to get stronger every day. He has also returned to school part-time, rejoining the many friends who were so supportive of him and his family over the last three months.

Mark Shelley, Cam’s father, noted how incredible his son’s outlook has been since the injury occurred.

“He’s kept a really positive spirit,” said Shelley. “His friends and family have been invaluable to him.”

The support from Legacy High School students and staff, as well as the greater Broomfield community continues to grow as the Shelley family’s Youcaring.com*page has now raised over $26,000 in donations to help Cam receive the medical support he needs.

Cam continues to improve, but he still has some work ahead of him. The Shelley family continues to work with doctors in finding the best ways to help Cam in his recovery, while also determining if surgery on his spine will be necessary to help prevent future injury.

Many high school athletes experience the pain of minor injuries; very few experience the fear and damaging effects of an injury as significant as Central Cord Syndrome. Fortunately, with the support of friends and family, and the generous donations from over 200 people, Cam is getting stronger every day, remains positive, and continues to inspire everyone around him.  

*The fundraising campaign is not sponsored, endorsed, or monitored by Adams 12 Five Star Schools, its Board, Superintendent or schools.