Make a difference for Five Star students from your phone

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 2:45pm
coffee and phone

If you knew a student in your child’s class didn’t have shoes for school, chances are you’d help if you could, right? But it’s hard to know if the family down the street has food on their table or if their child will have a winter jacket this year, so how can you help?

Enter our new initiative with the Five Star Education Foundation, our schools and the Purposity app. Together, we can make a difference in the learning and lives of our students.

“We know our students have huge needs this year to be learning ready. We are grateful for the incredible support of our community coming together to make sure ALL students have what they need to thrive,” says Shannon Hancock, executive director of the Five Star Education Foundation.

"Purposity and its quest to connect communities around purpose is in keeping with the Adams 12 Five Star commitment to ELEVATE student success," said Lisle Reed, Whole Child Initiatives Coordinator, Student Engagement Initiatives at Adams 12 Five Star Schools. "We are proud and excited to partner with the Foundation and Purposity to make a lasting difference."

By signing up, you’re sent one weekly notification with specific needs: it might be a winter jacket for a student in one of our schools or household essentials for a family that lost their home in a fire. You decide if you want to help and meet a need in just a few clicks, right from your phone. It’s the simplest way to make an impact locally. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. A student or family has a need. Needs typically cost around $35, but can range up to $250 and can be anything, such as shoes, clothes, backpack, supplies, etc.

  2. A staff member from the Student and Family Outreach Program submits the need to Purposity. Needs are always submitted anonymously and no student or family names are ever given.

  3. Purposity puts the need on the app and sends out notifications to those in the Five Star community who have the app.

  4. Anyone who sees the need and wants to help can click on the link and buy the item.

  5. The item is shipped to the Adams 12 Office of Whole Child Initiatives who delivers it to the student.

The requested item is in the hands of the student in just a few days. It takes one notification, under a minute, and a few clicks to make a difference for a fellow community member.

We need to build a following of 600 users on the Purposity app before being able to fully help the students and families in need. Once we reach 600 followers, student and family needs will begin to be shared and fulfilled within the Five Star community.

To get started, download the Purposity app from the App Store or Google Play and follow Five Star Education Foundation.