Monitoring Coronavirus

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 3:15pm

Supporting your child with remote learning

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We recognize the past few weeks have been unlike anything many of us have ever seen. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy. As we move toward launching remote learning districtwide on April 1, we’ve developed guidance, resources and tools to support students, staff and families in this transition. 

It’s important to remember that the launch of remote learning will be imperfect. We will all - students, parents and staff - need to exercise patience and grace as we continue to navigate this together. Our goal during remote learning is to be responsive and to continue to improve the student, parent and staff experience.

Remote Learning Updates (Structure, Participation and Grading)
Our first day of remote learning, Wednesday, April 1 will focus on connection and support. While remote learning cannot replace in-person learning, our overarching goal is to keep students progressing so they’re as ready as possible when we do return to in-person learning.

Remote learning in Five Star Schools will be asynchronous, meaning students will learn the same material at different times and locations. Teachers will look at work completion on a weekly basis, allowing families and students to complete assignments throughout the day and week at times that work best for them. Instead of on a daily basis, teachers will track attendance based on weekly student participation and work completion. Grading is up to teacher discretion and could be a numeric, letter or pass/fail grade depending on the grade level and content. Your child’s teacher will share more on their decision about grading style, and more information will follow from schools and the district.

How to Make Remote Learning Work for Your Family
Remote learning is new for most of us. On top of that, families are also balancing working from home while their children are trying to do school work from home. These are unique circumstances and we will each need to find ways to make this transition as smooth as possible for our families. We’ve compiled some helpful tips for families when making this transition:

  • Create a daily schedule based on schoolwork. Wake, eat and get dressed at the same time every day.

  • Prioritize the schedule based on when kids are most focused.

  • Get the bulk of your important work done as a parent/guardian during the kids’ time for nap, lunch, technology, etc.

  • Set boundaries and communicate them to your kids. Explain how you are juggling their school and your own work and you need their help to navigate everything.

  • Tell them when you need to be in “do-not-disturb” mode. Have kids make signs (stop sign, thumbs up/down) that you tape to your work area to show when it is okay or not okay to interrupt.

  • Take necessary breaks. Don’t overextend yourself due to the remote work dynamic.

  • Every hour of work warrants a 10-minute break. Take a walk, eat a snack or stretch to wake up your brain!

  • Reward good behavior. No interruptions, focused work = fun activity, small prize, tv show, etc.

Device Pick Up
A focal point of our remote learning plan involves the use and availability of suitable at-home learning devices. A chromebook is not necessary. Any device - laptop, desktop, tablet - with access to the internet will work as long as you can connect to an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. We would not recommend using a smartphone. 

If you have already requested a device, you will receive a personal communication telling you where and when to pick up your device on Monday, March 30. 

For those who have not requested a device to date: If you have a personal device, the district asks that you use it. If you do not have a device as listed above, parents can come to one of the five district comprehensive high schools - Horizon, Legacy, Mountain Range, Northglenn or Thornton High School - to be assigned a device through a drive-thru or walk up process. Devices will be distributed on Tuesday, March 31 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Families must sign for the devices when picking one up. All devices will need to be returned to the district.

The current “stay-at-home” order from local health officials permits families to pick-up devices so long as social distancing is maintained. Health officials consider educational institutions as essential business.  If you are sick, please send another family member to pick up a device.

Connectivity Providers
We recognize some of our families may have limited or no access to the internet. See below for free and low-cost options from external providers:

  • Comcast’s Internet Essentials is offering two free months for their Internet Essentials package for eligible households. For more information on if your family is eligible and to apply, visit their website or call 1-855-846-8376.

  • Xfinity is providing Free WiFi For Everyone in many neighborhoods for a limited time. Many Xfinity Wifi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free. Search for a public WiFi hotspot near you. If you locate a free wifi hotspot in your neighborhood, you can connect with these instructions.

  • The fastest solution for families to get online may be using their personal smartphone as a hotspot. Families need to check with their cellular carrier/provider to know if using their personal smartphone as a hotspot will incur fees for overages of data use. See below instructions for how to use your phone as a hotspot: Android instructions | Apple iPhone instructions

If you need additional support with internet connectivity, please send an email with the details of your request to In your email, please include your student’s name and school, contact information and the preferred way to reach you.

Meal Distribution Change
As the district moves to remote learning with modified operations next week, we have a change to our meal distribution schedule. Starting Monday, March 30, meals will be served at the following locations from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Horizon High School - 5321 E. 136th Avenue, Thornton , CO

  • Legacy High School - 2701 W. 136th Avenue, Broomfield, CO

  • Mountain Range High School - 12500 Huron Street, Westminster, CO

  • Northglenn High School - 601 W 100th Place, Northglenn, CO

  • Thornton High School - 9351 N Washington Street, Thornton, CO

All families will receive two lunches and two breakfasts per child. These meals will be available for all children ages 1 through 18 regardless of what school they attend. No paperwork is required. Meals will be provided to families even if children are not present. If you are sick, please send another family member to pick up meals.

This program will only be for the pick up of meals, and meals will not be consumed on-site.

Staying Connected
We’d encourage families to opt-in to receive text message alerts sent by the district and schools. Opting in is a two-step process: 1) Make sure your cell phone number is listed in Infinite Campus in the cell phone field. 2) Then from your cell phone text YES to 67587.

It is also important to recognize that we are unsure how long we will be in the remote learning stage. We will take this week by week as we continue to partner with state and local health officials. Our commitment, regardless of this unique situation, is to provide the best learning opportunities we can for your child. 

Thank you for working with us in our community’s collective response to COVID-19. We look forward to connecting with you next week.