Parent Engagement and Satisfaction Survey Results

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 10:59am
Survey Results

Record number of parents provide valuable feedback to schools

Last spring, Adams 12 Five Star Schools parent community responded in record number to the 2016 Parent Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. A total of 5,730 parents across the Five Star District participated in the online survey, in English and Spanish, more than doubling the amount of participants in 2012.

Building strong community relationships is a key Five Star Schools strategy for student success. According to the 2016 survey, 94 percent of parents surveyed believe that parental/guardian involvement is positively related to a child’s achievement. This survey provides valuable data at the district and school level for understanding parent satisfaction and engagement.

Overall, 81 percent of parents graded their school A or B, with over half rewarding the school with an A. Below are positive findings from the survey and areas the district seeks to improve.

Areas to Celebrate:

  • School Climate: Over 80 percent of parents say their school is welcoming and safe, and that staff is courteous, committed and enthusiastic about teaching.
  • School Pride: When asked if the child’s school is well regarded in the community and if parents would recommend the school to others, nearly 80 percent of all parents responded favorably.
  • Community Engagement: When asked if school staff plans regular events for family engagement, 16 percent more parents responded favorably than in 2012.

Areas to Grow:

  • Parent Involvement: While 86 percent of parents are participating in school events, only 65 percent say there’s an active PTO/A at their school. Compared to 2012, fewer parents responded favorably to questions about parent involvement in academic decisions, policies and procedures. 
  • Communication: Overall, school communication is effective but the percent of parents who feel they are well informed about their child’s school life, including academic expectations, academic progress and the school’s mission, is down from 2012 and falls below the national average.
  • Homework: When asked if homework involves parents and is at an appropriate difficulty level with clear expectations, parents responded less favorably than in 2012.

The Five Star District will continue working on growth areas by partnering with schools and parents on communication and engagement initiatives. 

Each school has received specific results and will be sharing their findings as appropriate. To learn about your child's school results, contact the school directly.