Steady progress on STEM Lab renovation and expansion

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 1:30pm

As school begins construction continues

The first phase of the STEM Lab renovation and expansion cleared a major hurdle in August as construction crews successfully prepared the school to welcome back students and staff despite ongoing construction.

As learning gets back under way, construction continues inside and outside the building.

In the school’s east wing - inaccessible to students and staff with the exception of the cafeteria and gymnasium - the focus has turned from summer demolition work to rebuilding. New masonry walls are going up in the former school locker room shower areas where a new, larger fitness room will be located. Former classrooms continue to be retrofitted with the necessary utilities to convert them into science labs.

The roof over the school gym was replaced prior to the start of the new school year. Roof replacement is now continuing over the remaining part of the school currently under construction.

Construction is moving swiftly on the building’s 25,000-square foot east addition. A regular stream of trucks have been delivering fill dirt to raise the expansion area a necessary five feet. Foundation caissons or piers have been drilled and poured and now crews are preparing to pour the grade beams, another key component of the building foundation. Once that is complete, work can transition to pouring the concrete slab and, eventually, setting the steel structure.

August Highlights

Roof replacement over school gym completed

Polishing of concrete cafeteria concrete floor

Rebuilding work in east wing areas of school that underwent demolition during summer

Building expansion foundation caisson drilling and pouring

Looking ahead to September

Continued roof replacement over existing building construction area

Continue rebuilding work in east wing area of school

Concrete pouring of grade beam for building expansion

The renovation and reconstruction of the 46-year-old STEM Lab building was identified as part of a $350 million school construction bond approved by voters in November 2016. When the school's renovation is completed for the start of the 2019-20 school year, it will allow enrollment to grow from 475 current students to an anticipated 675 students and provide more STEM-learning opportunities for students across the Five Star District.