Student Health & Well-Being Surveys

Friday, October 2, 2015 - 1:59pm

The sixth annual Adams County Student Survey will be given to all 6th-12th grade students in Adams County Districts 12, 14, 27J, 50 and Mapleton between late October and November 2015.

This year, the Adams County Youth Initiative (ACYI) is also coordinating with the State of Colorado to administer the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS), which will be given to students in randomly-selected classrooms in some schools. Each student will be given only one of these surveys, and it will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  

Results from the surveys will help schools create and sustain safe, respectful and drug-free school environments and promote positive social skills; and help ACYI and the State of Colorado improve services provided to youth.  

Your child/children will be asked to answer questions about their experiences with bullying, gangs, drug/alcohol exposure, physical activity, mental health, adult support and goals for their future. Some children might find these questions to be uncomfortable. Your child may choose not to answer any question (or the whole survey) at any time. The survey is completely anonymous. Your child will not be identified in any way.

The survey will be conducted by the ACYI, the University of Colorado – Denver, on behalf of the State of Colorado, and the Adams County Prevention Partnership. You may view both the ACYI survey and HKCS survey online at If you would like a paper copy of the survey, please request it using the contact information below.

If you do not want your child/children to participate in the survey, please call (720) 972-4168, giving your name, your child’s name, and the name of his or her school. Or email this information to If you have questions about the survey, you may also leave a message at this phone number or e-mail address.

The Adams County Student Survey is an annual, coordinated effort to measure the impact of the efforts of ACYI and its partner organizations, along with a federal grant awarded to Colorado Prevention Partnership for Success (CPPS) — an organization that uses a public health model to reduce alcohol use and binge drinking behaviors among high school youth in Colorado, with a special emphasis on Hispanic youth. This grant funds the activities of the Adams County Prevention Partnership. The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey is administered throughout Colorado every two years to collect information about student health and well-being.

Please address any questions or concerns regarding your student’s participation in the 2015-2016 Adams County Student Survey to Johnny Terrell, director of Adams 12 Five Star Schools Intervention Services, at (720) 972-4150.