Summer Literacy Intervention program expands in second year

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 7:45am
2017 Summer Literacy Program

Program provides English as a second language course for parents

After a long school year, teachers typically reserve the month of June for some well-deserved rest and relaxation; but every morning, Monday through Thursday, the parking lot at Coronado Hills Elementary School was full in the month of June. More than 20 teachers and interventionists, 10 Reading Corp members and five high school students volunteered their time to provide a focused literacy intervention program for 50 kindergarten and first-grade students in need of additional support.

Led by Elementary Literacy Specialist, Tammy Anderson, the program now in its second year continues to grow. For 90 minutes each day, teachers and interventionists from across the district had the opportunity to work on the individual needs of each student. Each morning consisted of small-group reading intervention lessons, reading, writing, computer literacy games and time spent with Reading Corps members.

After each morning session, teachers and interventionists took part in a 90 minute professional development session learning skills and tactics that they were able to utilize the very next day with the students.

This summer, students and teachers went back to school for literacy intervention, but they were not the only ones who benefited. With the help of Adams 12 Five Star Schools Community Liaisons, a number of parents participated in an English as a second language program down the hall from the literacy intervention program. Throughout June, Five Star parents participated in small work groups where they discussed helpful phrases to use when at the store or ordering food at a restaurant.

Teachers, interventionists and even high school students made a major difference for each of the 50 students who participated in the Summer Literacy Intervention program. The goal for the coming years is to see the program continue to grow by providing the opportunity to more students, teachers and parents.

Read the story about the inaugural year on the cover of the Fall 2016 issue of the Five Star Journal: First literacy summer school provides continuous, learning experiences for students and teachers [Spanish]