Superintendents Call for Adequate Funding

Monday, January 11, 2016 - 12:59pm

Parents & community leaders gather to support call for adequate funding

Superintendent Chris Gdowski joined 166 other superintendents from across Colorado at the state capitol on Jan. 11 to call for adequate funding of public education. At the event, the Colorado Superintendents’ Advocacy for Adequate School Funding statement signed by 167 superintendents representing the majority of Colorado’s 860,000+ students was released.

Superintendents continue to come together as a demonstration of unified support for the resources to support students in Colorado. Students across Colorado are losing out on educational opportunities. Over the past seven years, Colorado has withheld over $5 billion from Colorado schools through the negative factor.

Superintendents stand ready to work in partnership with Colorado’s policy makers to find new solutions to the challenges ahead so that all Colorado students receives the education they deserve.