Superintendents propose modernized school finance formula

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 2:30pm
Superintendents meeting

171 school districts sign on to proposed legislation

More than 170 superintendents, including Five Star Superintendent Chris Gdowski, representing 93 percent of Colorado's public school students have signed on to proposed legislation that would modernize the state's school finance formula. The current formula is more than two decades old and doesn't reflect the needs of students in the 21st century.

"The diverse needs of our students are the central focus of this new formula," Gdowski said. "It recognizes different resources are needed to meet the needs of our students who face poverty, students with limited English proficiency, students participating in the gifted and talented program and students served through special education."

Superintendents from across the state gathered to outline the objectives behind their new school funding bill (House Bill 18-1232) at a press conference on Wednesday, February 7, at Dora Moore Elementary School in Denver.  

The proposed legislation has no impact to the General Fund. It does, however, provide a roadmap for providing a more fair and adequate level of funding with the goal of preparing every Colorado student for success in career, college and life. The new formula ensures that all districts receive additional funding to support current academic standards and accountability systems. In addition, it creates a more student-centric distribution formula.

If the bill were to pass, the new school funding formula would only go into effect if voters statewide approved a ballot measure no later than 2022 that increases funding for preschool through high school public education.

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