Thoughts from the Superintendent: Criss-Cross Pizza Sauce

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 7:51pm
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Superintendent Chris Gdowski's Blog

Many in our community are fortunate to hold season passes providing access to amusement parks, ski resorts and museums, but I believe my employee badge -- which allows me access to all of our schools on an unlimited basis -- is the best deal going.

I've spent time these first two days of school visiting elementary classrooms in our Five Star District.  I love watching the artistry of master teachers in the early days of the school year as they bring together students with varied emotions, interests, abilities and backgrounds to "do school." Standing on the sidelines in a first grade classroom is the best "standing room only" performance that you'll ever see as you watch the teacher use voice, motion and visuals to engage their curious student audience. We are blessed in Adams 12 Five Star Schools to have teachers so gifted in their craft working with our children!

The early days of school are also the ones in which I learn the most from our students. So far I've learned that:

  • The "criss cross apple sauce" phrase for sitting attentively during group reading or discussion is getting jazzed up by this new generation of students and their teachers. The new phrases include criss cross "pizza sauce," "karate sauce," and "enchildada sauce."
  • The coolest thing about the superintendent from a student's perspective -- actually, the ONLY cool thing about the superintendent from a student's perspective -- is that you get to call snow days.
  • The Chihuahuan Desert, which I'd never heard of before, is "really big" and includes parts of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico
  • When asked the question "what is art," the teacher will receive many unexpected answers -- including "a rhino in armor" and "one hour and a half of work."

The funny comments, creative insights, and the character and compassion of our students are just a few of the reasons why I am grateful to have a Five Star Schools employee badge and have unlimited access to outstanding teaching, learning, and community building each day.  Thank you, Board of Education and Five Star community, for giving me the privilege of serving as superintendent!