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District makes enhancements to Panorama student survey

  • Climate & Culture
  • Focus on Students
District makes enhancements to Panorama student survey

Every year, Adams 12 Five Star Schools surveys students in grades 3 through 12 to assess their perceptions of their learning, emotional wellbeing and experiences at schools. This information is used to guide district and school strategy over time to ensure students are having the best experience possible. 

This year, there are several important changes to this survey that families should know about:

  • The survey will be administered twice this school year; once in the fall and once in the spring. More information about the spring survey will be shared closer to when it is administered.

  • This year, a small number of staff members will be able to view individual students' answers. Over the course of the school year, these staff members may review this information to help them better serve students as they interact with them as part of their normal work (i.e. counselor check-ins with students). 

  • Staff who will have access to this information are:

    • District and school administrators

    • School counselors

    • Mental health providers

    • Social emotional learning specialists  

    • Your child’s teacher will NOT be able to see your child’s answers to the survey questions.

What does the survey ask?

This survey asks questions about:

  • How well students think they are able to persevere through setbacks to achieve their goals

  • How well students can manage their emotions

  • How confident students are in their ability to succeed in school 

  • How students feel about their school’s social and learning environment 

  • How valued students feel in their school community 


If you want to see the exact questions in the survey, please the following links:


How will you use this information?

We will use responses to this survey to explore trends and patterns that will inform how we approach social and emotional wellbeing for all students.   

Specific student answers will help schools better serve students as part of their normal support and check-in processes. For example, all sixth grade students have a check-in with their counselor to help make sure they are transitioning successfully from elementary to middle school. Their counselor might look at this information and use it to guide their conversations.