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District invests in safety and well-being of students

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District invests in safety and well-being of students

Safety at the forefront of all we do

The safety and well-being of all our students and staff is always top of mind in Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Our highly-trained safety and security team work collaboratively with staff and local law enforcement to provide a safe learning environment for more than 36,000 students in every classroom, every day.

This is accomplished by continuing longstanding, proven safety and security practices, investing in key improvements, all while looking ahead at future, innovative initiatives that allow the district to adapt to the rapidly changing world. 

Longstanding Safety and Security Practices

  • Standard Response Protocol (SRP) in all district schools and buildings. This means that we have a standard operating procedure to address a variety of situations that may arise at school. This helps us respond quickly and appropriately to many situations.
  • Standard Reunification Method (SRM). Our district-led team responds to reunification sites as needed (both in-district and out-of-district). A reunification occurs when parents and guardians need to be individually reunited with their children, sometimes at a location other than school, following an event such as severe weather, police activity in the area, or another emergency.
  • All visitors are screened through our Raptor visitor management system before entering a school or district building.
  • School Resource Officers in all middle and high schools
  • Work in collaboration with the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at CU Boulder and the Colorado School Safety Resource Center on Threat Assessment. 
  • Our district staff is nationally recognized for its work with Standard Response Protocols, Standard Reunification Method and Threat Assessment procedures. Our staff trains school district staff across the country on these important safety measures.

Key Improvements
The following key improvements were made possible thanks to our community’s investment and support of the 2016 Bond Override and the 2018 Mill Levy. 

  • Secure vestibules (areas between the external and internal doors) at all district schools.
  • Enhanced card access systems to increase all building and school’s exterior security.
  • Added video surveillance capabilities at all elementary schools
  • Enhanced and updated existing surveillance systems at middle and high schools
  • Classroom door hardware upgrades at multiple schools 
  • Visual PA system installed at schools 
  • E911 systems implemented to provide classroom-specific location if someone calls 911

Future Safety Initiatives
In our ongoing effort of continuous improvement, we are always looking for new ways to sustain a safe and secure environment. Some future initiatives we are currently exploring include:

  • Upgrading school PA/Intercom Systems to include visual alerts
  • Adding and upgrading card access capabilities at all exterior doors
  • Enhancing cell phone reception and connectivity in all of our buildings. 
  • Adding emergency key boxes - ‘Knox’ boxes - at every school to provide first responders immediate access to buildings when necessary. 
  • Focus On Students