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Student Insights will support success

  • Student Achievement
Student Insights will support success

Adams 12 Five Star Schools is excited to share an update about Student Insights, a valuable tool that our teachers will be incorporating into their planning and support process for students in the coming months. The district has been developing Student Insights for more than a year, and is excited that soon all students will benefit from their teachers having access to more information to help them succeed.

What is Student Insights?

Student Insights has been carefully chosen to empower our teachers with a comprehensive view of important information such as test scores and attendance. This information enables our teachers to better tailor their instructional approaches to meet the unique needs of each student.

Student Insights provides:

  • Streamlined information: Student Insights consolidates important information so teachers can view it all in one place, rather than needing to compile it themselves. This makes it easier for teachers to understand and meet the needs of each individual student.
  • More dedicated time for student success: Currently, educators need to spend a lot of time pulling data from multiple platforms in order to get a holistic view of a student's needs and what might best support their growth and learning. Student Insights will give them more time to focus on developing appropriate interventions and monitoring student progress. 

Adams 12 Five Star Schools places a high value on ensuring the privacy and security of all data for which it is responsible. All of our data practices, including Student Insights, are in compliance with the Colorado Student Transparency and Security Act. Learn more.