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Legacy wins Economic Literacy Colorado Challenge

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Legacy wins Economic Literacy Colorado Challenge

Molly McVeigh, Student Programs Director for Economic Literacy Colorado, visited Legacy High School in December to award Brayden Kuzmich FIRST place winner of the stock market exchange for the state of Colorado!

Thousands of students and over 1,400 teams competed.

He had a 20% return on his investment! (Second place was a Fairview student that had a 14% return).

Students and staff pose for the camera

Molly surprised Brayden with a $200 check and gave his teacher, Mrs. Cooper, a $100 check.

Brayden already put his check in savings - woo-hoo!

The Stock Market Challenge piqued Brayden's interest in investment and stocks- maybe even as a career path.

Students pose for the camera

Mrs. Cooper cashed the check and gave every student $5. They had a challenge to do an act of kindness with their money. Their acts of kindness are listed below:

  • I gave it to my friend for lunch
  • I gave it to a homeless person
  • I gave it to the salvation army at king soopers
  • I surprised by mom and gave it to her
  • I bought my mom coffee
  • I put it towards gifts for my family
  • I bought my mother a necklace along with 40 other dollars
  • I got my friend lunch
  • I bought my brother candy
  • I bought my friend taco bell
  • I gave it to a friend for food
  • I am going to donate to the animal shelter
  • I will donate to an animal shelter
  • I bought my friend starbucks
  • I gave the $5 dollars to my moms business because the times she made her pay for my stuff. (but i still own her money still).
  • I bought flowers with them and gave them to my mom
  • I gave it to a friend
  • I tipped my friend who washed my car at waterway
  • I bought my friend Abhi a McChicken
  • I got candy canes and gave to people
  • I gave it to my little brother and he was really excited
  • I gave the lady at King Soopers a tip because all the kids were being jerks
  • I gave it to the guy ringing the bell at KS

Special thanks to the Legacy High School community for submitting this Five Star Story.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: 21st Century Learners. Sharing stories of students who collaborate, think critically, problem-solve and are digitally literate to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

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