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School Health Professional Grant renewed for District

  • Focus on Students
School Health Professional Grant renewed for District

Adams 12 Five Star Schools has been selected for a renewal of the School Health Professional Grant by the Colorado Department of Education. The School Health Professional Grant Program (SHPG) is designed to provide funds to eligible education providers to enhance the presence of school health professionals in K-12 schools (Behavioral Health Care Professional Matching Grant Program (§§ 22-96-101 — 22-96-105))

A “School Health Professional” (SHP) is a state-licensed or state-certified school nurse or other state-licensed or state-certified health professionals, including those issued by the Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA)*, qualified under state law to provide support services to children and adolescents, including mental health professionals licensed pursuant to Article 43 of Title 12. For example, School Nurses, School Psychologists, School Social Workers, and School Counselors (C.R.S. 22-96-102).

Here is the summary:

Adams 12 Five Star Schools seeks to expand our Wraparound Facilitator model, which enhances the ability of schools to: create partnerships between the school district and community-based organizations that address youth substance misuse and behavioral health; coordinate care for students with substance misuse and/or behavioral health concerns, including comprehensive screening, needs assessments, planning, advocacy, and follow-up; assist caregivers in navigating historically complex community-based behavioral health care and substance misuse treatment, including enrollment in Medicaid and CHP+; provide education to school staff around youth behavioral health and substance misuse; and effectively match student and family needs to appropriate district supports.

The model is grounded in empirical evidence that School Health Professionals are key to timely identification of youth who are struggling with behavioral health challenges, are an invaluable part of prevention of substance misuse among youth, and are in an especially unique position to work with school administrators and staff to cultivate positive school culture and climate in which students are connected to protective factors.

Proposed activities will include Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 interventions to increase direct access for students who are already struggling with behavioral health and/or substance misuse, while also increasing the capacity of all students and staff to gain knowledge in these areas. Identified goals are: to successfully coordinate community-based behavioral health care or substance misuse treatment for a minimum of 25 students per recipient school annually; and utilize relationships with community-based organizations to bring a minimum of three no-cost behavioral health or youth substance misuse training opportunities and workshops to school staff annually.

Funds will be used to support 4.75 FTE Wraparound Facilitators, provide professional development for both Wraparound Facilitators and school staff, purchase materials for student and family sessions, and provide transportation assistance for students to access community-based interventions and treatment. 

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Social-Emotional Learning. Sharing stories about how the district provides innovative social-emotional programming and practices to students across all schools.