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STEM Lab saves the world by saving energy

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STEM Lab saves the world by saving energy

STEM Lab won their cohort’s Renew Our Schools Fall 2022 Energy Saving Competition. Led by Stephanie Basile and a dedicated group of middle school students, the team brought focus, awareness, and energy saving actions to STEM Lab during the six week competition. The whole school participated in an energy saving hour during the competition and received information and updates through the daily announcement. The Energy Team created “Lights Out” signs and also looked throughout the school for lights on or off with no one in the room. They left “Good Job” or “Gotcha, remember to turn off your light reminders” throughout the school. Along with helping the planet, the school will receive $2,500 to put toward Energy upgrades, additions, and retrofits. For more information on the competition visit Renew our Schools website.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: 21st Century Learners. Sharing stories of students who collaborate, think critically, problem-solve and are digitally literate to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.