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Thornton High celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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Thornton High celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

English Language Development teacher Vanesa Lopez shared how her students are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month:

My ELD students, all periods, had the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month last week. They made a PowerPoint presentation explaining the importance of our Latino culture and our vital contribution to the USA.

Each period did their PowerPoint presentation and shared it with me. They worked in groups of 2-3 and shared their presentations in English in front of the class.

Thornton High ELD students celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Also, on Wednesday, we had the opportunity to watch 10-15 minutes of the fantastic movie “A Million Miles a Way,” a Prime movie. The film is based on the real-life of Jose Hernandez, the first Latino farm worker from Mexico who went to space, and his desire to become an astronaut and have a college education. My students enjoyed the activity and related themselves to the astronaut life and family values of Latino families.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Diverse Learning. Sharing stories of how students receive engaging learning experiences and the focused-attention they need through appropriate student-to-staff ratios and varied programming.

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