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The Five Star community made a significant investment in our students and our schools when it passed a $350 million bond issue in November 2016 to impact every school in the district. Over the multi-year Bond Program, we will invest in aging school buildings, relieve overcrowding, address programming needs and ensure all students in the Five Star District learn in a safe, warm and dry environment.

Recent News

Steel goes up for second phase of STEM Lab project

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 10:15am

Two-year project expected to finish in August 2019

Signing steel beams is becoming a bit of an October tradition for the students and staff of STEM Lab in Northglenn.

For the second time in a little over a year, the STEM Lab school community came together to sign a large steel beam destined for a part of the reconstructed school, which is in the second phase of a two-year renovation and reconstruction project. Adolfson and Peterson ...

Planning well under way for Summer 2019 bond projects

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 10:00am

More than 30 projects anticipated for next summer

With a busy summer of successful bond projects now in the rear-view mirror, the focus for the Five Star District's 2016 Bond Program project teams has shifted toward an even busier anticipated Summer 2019.

Planning is under way on more than 30 projects [See if your school is scheduled to receive Summer 2019 bond improvements ] , more than the double the amount of bond projects that ...