Communications Services engages internal and external audiences in developing and sustaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships in support of student learning. We accomplish this through communications planning, communications and marketing training, community engagement, crisis communications, electronic and print communications, governmental relations and media relations.

Communications Planning

We work with district departments and schools to develop comprehensive communication plans in support of key academic programs and initiatives. This strategic planning includes identifying appropriate goals/objectives, target audiences, message development and appropriate communication strategies and activities.

Communications and Marketing Training

We support schools in developing marketing plans. Through training, schools analyze their areas of strength and areas in need of improvement, and use this research to identify what makes their school unique. Then they develop a marketing plan in which all activities/initiatives are aligned to support what makes them unique.

Community Engagement

We work with stakeholders within the Five Star community to inform, recruit and promote community involvement to include:

  • Informing the community of policy directions of the school district.
  • Consulting the community as part of a process to develop policy, or build community awareness and understanding.
  • Involving the community through a range of mechanisms to ensure issues and concerns are understood and considered as part of the decision-making process.
  • Collaborating with the community by developing partnerships to formulate options and provide recommendations.
  • Empowering the community to make decisions and to implement and manage change.

Crisis Communications

We provide counsel to schools and district leaders to resolve crisis situations and/or emergencies, including the use of communication tools such as parent letters, social media and key messages. We also provide crisis media relations when schools have experienced an incident.

Electronic and Print Communications

We design, develop and maintain the website for Adams 12 Five Star Schools and offer a web solution for our elementary, middle and high schools. We establish and provide oversight of web standards to maintain a consistent “look and feel” across all district and school content-managed sites. Based on research and evaluation, we make adjustments and enhancements to existing content-managed sites in support of the district and schools’ communication goals and objectives.

Governmental Relations

We work with state-wide elected leaders, state agencies, the Governor, his cabinet members and other districts to affect positive changes in laws impacting P-12 public education in Colorado. 

Media Relations

We proactively reach out to the media concerning district and school news, events, activities and awards. We respond to media inquiries in a timely fashion and when appropriate we hold news conferences. We also provide media training for district and school leaders.

Recent News

Communications Services Earns Excellence Award

Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 10:39am

Five Star District honored for staff recruitment marketing materials

Adams 12 Five Star Schools earned distinguished recognition in the 2016 Colorado School Public Relations Association's Communications Excellence Program. The program recognizes communications excellence in every aspect of public relations planning, implementation and evaluation. The awards include:

Excellence in Marketing Materials for the district's HR Recruitment Brochure (a tri-fold ...