School Gardens

Updated on Wed, 07/10/2019 - 10:12am

Nutrition Services is a large supporter of school gardens and all of the programs that a school garden can bring. School gardens provide a hands-on learning experience and living classroom for schools. Researchers show that gardeners consume more of the daily recommended fruits and vegetables and obtain increased amounts of physical activity and decreased sedentary time. These outcomes are certainly what we would like to see for our Five Star community and we hope that we can play a part in making that a more realistic goal.

Nutrition Services has taken a lead role in making gardens a reality in our schools through the creation of processes, standards, and resources. Please use the procedures and resources below to begin your school garden journey. If you would like guidance throughout, please contact Ashley Burke, Nutrition Services Supervisor.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools Garden Procedures and Required Forms:

Garden to Cafeteria Program:

Helpful Organizations and Resources:

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