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Spring 2022 Results

Spring 2022 Results

Results from the annual Family-School Relationships Survey are now live. The survey provides insights that allow us to measure year-over-year trends for your school and the district to ensure we are best serving you and your child. Evaluating how well we are doing is central to living out our strengths and goals in our strategic plan, ELEVATE. 

See the 2021-22 Results 

Click “Adams 12 Five Star Schools” to see district-wide results or select your school from the “56 Schools” dropdown menu to see results for your specific school. There are multiple tabs on the results page. You can see the results of the student survey on social-emotional well-being on the “Students” tab and the results for the Family-School Relationships Survey on the “Family Members” tab. 

District Strengths and Areas of Improvement

Results from the Family-School Relationships Survey over the last few years demonstrate the adverse impact COVID-19 has had on our school communities. The good news is that this year’s survey shows we are beginning to recover from these impacts. While many areas of the survey trended downward or flat last year (2020-2021), this year we began to see gains in those same areas, bringing us back to or close to where we were two years ago. 

Areas of Strength

  • We saw our greatest growth in the "Family Efficacy" category. Compared to last year‘s data we are up nine percent in how confident families are with regard to supporting a child’s learning at home. Undoubtedly, a return to a more consistent routine compared to all that families were juggling last year and additional strategies provided by teachers has helped families feel more confident. 

  • Another area of strength is the category of “Grit” which saw an increase of six percent. This area assesses how well students are able to persevere through setbacks to achieve important long-term goals. It is encouraging to see that the additional social emotional support that students received as they came back to in-person classes has helped them increase their resilience. 

  • The final area of strength is the category of “School Fit” which saw an overall increase of five percent over last year. We also saw positive increases of more than seven percent in multiple questions in this category, including areas such as students’ sense of belonging, how well the activities offered at the school match the students’ interests and how well families feel that students are being prepared for their next academic year. This aligns really well with our three major goals in our ELEVATE strategic plan: student achievement, a positive climate and culture and social emotional wellbeing. Seeing a positive increase in this category shows progress in achieving these goals across the district.

Areas of Improvement

  • A new question in the survey this year asked families how likely they would be to file a complaint with the Board of Education if they had reason, and 38% of our families responded “very likely” or “extremely likely.” The top barrier cited was a lack of familiarity with the process to file a complaint. As a result of this feedback, we will explore opportunities to make our families more aware of this process and how it works. 

  • While we saw an increase of three percent in the category of “Staff-Family Relationships,” we are in the 50th percentile in comparison to other similar districts (non-urban, medium free and reduced lunch percentage) in the nation. Pre-pandemic those relationships were at the 70th percentile. Continued health and safety concerns meant that families were more cautious about visiting teachers in-person or simply weren’t able to. We hope to see this increase as things continue to improve since family and staff partnerships are key to each child’s success.