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Administrative Employee of the Year

2020-21 Administrative Employee of the Year:

Tim Griffin, Principal at Glacier Peak Elementary

>>Watch a video of Tim's surprise announcement

As the Principal of Glacier Peak Elementary, Tim Griffin works tirelessly to ensure students receive the best education possible and that the staff climate and culture is inclusive, fun and driven. During this unprecedented year, he has kept his foot on the gas academically, while also supporting all students, teachers, and families in their social emotional well being. From greeting students with a loud hello and creating professional development that is timely, and necessary, to shoveling snow so teachers and students can safely enter the school. With a leader like Tim, Glacier Peak has taken an enormously difficult year and turned it into a year of massive celebrations. These celebrations include improved culture and climate, an unapologetic dedication to equity, new and deepened knowledge around best practices in teaching, systems to support students with unique needs, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, rich and courageous conversations, restorative practices to support and sustain social emotional learning, and much more.

One particular story that shows Tim’s unwavering dedication is how he helped two students who were struggling in the classroom. When these two students arrived at Glacier Peak, they were often disruptive and could be challenging to have in a general education classroom. Tim used the trust he had built with staff to empower, engage and impact these students. His focus was always on the students’ well being and education. Through his leadership, he navigated the staff away from harmful discussions of exclusion and to a safe and powerful form of inclusion for these students. He relied on the expertise of his specialists and empowered them to lead in a way that changed the lives of these students and their family. The first year at Glacier Peak for these students was nothing short of life changing. They went from frequent tantrums, disruptions, and very little engagement, to students who had a toolbox full of strategies who were present, engaged, and loved coming to school. This engagement and trust makes Glacier Peak an incredible school to work at and Tim’s leadership has created a legacy of love, inclusion, and trust.